9 Amazing Ideas To Look Gorgeous And Get Fitter

Amazing Ideas To Look Gorgeous And Get Fitter

We all want to look our best at all times. The key ingredient to looking good is to have a good body. It is for this reason that all the people are trying to lose weight at virtually all points of life. You are one diet and then the other. People who have shed their weight in a short span of time become icons for us. But alas, all the diets and exercises work for other people and you remain at the starting point.

If you have tried all the fad diets and have seen no results, you may be highly disappointed with yourself. Now it’s the time to put an end to your weight issue.  Here are some magic tips that will help you-

1. Celebrate And Treat Yourself

When you have achieved a predetermined target, give yourself praise for that. Always remember to set small goals. If you keep an unrealistic goal, you lose motivation when you do not see the results. Small goals are easy to achieve and keeps you going. When you achieve your goal in weight or inches lose, treat your self. You can buy yourself a dress that you have been on your mind, or a good book. Alternatively you can just laze around and watch a movie sleeping in bed with some healthy snacks to much on. Remember, you mind like your body needs to be pampered. A little treat will keep you mind happy and help you stick to your weight loss plan. This in turn will show great results on your body.

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2. List Your Progress And Control Your Portions

It is very important for you maintain a record of the progress you make in the weight loss regime. Before you start, you must make a not of you measurements, weight or BMI. This should be reviewed at regular interval to get a real check of your progress. When you see the measured results, it is going to give you immense happiness.  When you measure a record, also remember to jot down the number of times you exercise and the amount of calories you consume. This will give you a fair idea as to your regularity in workouts and your slips from the calorie counts.  No weight loss program can be successful if you do not watch your portion of food. Even an overdose of healthy food is harmful. Remember to eat in small quantities. Initially, it might be difficult to train your stomach, but gradually it will form a healthy eating habit for you.

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3. Curb Emotional Eating

Most overweight people will blame their eating habits for the weight gain. When you it is important to analyze a very basic question: are you hungry? Most often you will see you mind saying no to the hunger question. Most people do not realize but they eat in stress, in happiness, when they are sad. Worse than that, some people just find reasons to eat. If you are one of them, it is time you alter the habit of satiating your mood swings with food. So, when you prepare to take a bite, just think whether you are hungry or not. If not, do not eat; drink a glass of water instead. Slowly you will be able to differentiate between eating when hungry and eating when emotional.

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4. Learn to say “No”

Social gatherings act as dampers to your diet regime. Learn to say “no” when people push you for food. Initially you may receive comments for being on diet, but gradually people will accept the fact that you are a healthy eater. Have friends who can further enforce your point of avoiding unhealthy or unwanted food.  When you cut on party food, your weight loss chances increase. You will see faster results in lesser time. Alternatively, you can plan non food activities with your friends. You can go for a swim or play squash rather than going for a coffee or snack.

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5.  Focus On Health

It is equally important to focus on your health as your weight. You can lose weight even when you fall sick. So the prime objective is to lose weigh and remain healthy at the same time. The initial excitement of buying and wearing new clothes will fade out in sometime. Moreover, if you have not taken care of your health while you are the weight loss spree, you will start feeling low on energy. You will even notice the color form your skin paling out.  Health should your main focus while you are losing weight. That way, you will remain healthy and look good too. Looking good in the mirror is only one aspect. Mainly losing weight is to fight back all the diseases that it carries with it like heart risks, diabetes, arthritis and more. Shift your focus on your health. You will automatically lose you weight and remain healthy too.

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6. Fire Your Desire

Weight loss is more about your desire than anything else. How much you want to lose and stay fit completely depends on you. The more your desire to be fit and slim the greater are the chances that you will shed the extra weight faster. List down all the reasons as to why you desire to lose weight. Read them over and over again. Especially when you are feeling less motivated. Once you fuel your desires to lose weight the task will become less difficult. For more reasons, you can check out our report on reasons for losing weight.

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7. Virtually Visualize

This tip is going to do you wonders. Just imagine how you would look when you became slim. How you would fit into a dress that you been dreaming to wear ever since you remember. When you imagine yourself look like what you are not, you will get highly motivated. You can even buy a dress that you have been longing to wear. Hang it somewhere to grab your attention. Alternatively take a look at your favorite star. Imagine yourself in her place. Spend five minutes everyday day on imagination and your motivation to lose weight will double.

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8. Set Target

It is always better to set your targets. You can fix up a target for your birthday, anniversary, friends wedding, vacation or more. Set practical targets of losing about 1lb/2lb a week. This way you will be motivated all the year around. You will not only lose weight faster, you will look stunning with every passing occasion. This logic works even when you are on a maintenance program. On a maintenance program, you should promise yourself to keep your weight same on all the passing occasions.

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9. Take Pics

You can take a picture of yourself in a swim suit at the beginning of the program. Every month or at a regular interval take pictures again. Compare it with the previous picture. You will feel happy when you look at yourself shrinking and the swimsuit hanging on your body. It will really feel great and you will work harder to become slim. Use a digital camera so that you do not have to go to the developer.

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