9 Adorable Key Tattoo Designs Which Will Inspire You To Get Inked

Adorable Key Tattoo Designs

Key tattoos have been pretty famous during the past few years, but somehow people just get stuck to the simple key design just with a few quotes here and there combined for the tattoo. There are so many innovative ways by which a key tattoo design can be modified. Here are some pictures showing various cute and sexy key tattoo designs which will surely inspire you to make one and these creations will definitely grab a lot of attention!

Here Are The 9 Adorable Key Tattoo Designs:

1. The Key Of Love!

A key can be just a simple one but if you like more intricate and funky designs, go for something like this. Doesn’t it look extremely royal? A big and a strong key with the intricate and royal carving on the handle along with a beautiful diamond crown looks just much more than royal. And in the middle, you can just leave it blank or fill the love space with your loved one’s name or just write some qualities you believe in like faith, honesty, love!

The key of love

2. The Anklet Key!

This is a very unique idea and not many might have actually seen this design. It is created very innovatively with a ribbon drawn which is actually wrapped around the leg round very beautifully, and a lovely key hanging from there. How cute is that! Innovate and become more creative, try to change the ribbon and the key pattern a little and you will have a brand new creation on your body!

The anklet key

3. The Key To One’s Heart!

A key can also be combined with a nice patterned lock if you want to go for a bigger design that usual. This is one of the best girly tattoos which one can try. The lock and the key created in a similar pattern and colour attached to some ribbons, flowers and sparkles here and there, would definitely give you a big and fascinating master piece!

The key to one’s heart

4. Follow Your Heart!

Key tattoos are very girly if created that way and most of the girly tattoos will definitely have a dash of pink no matter what the design is! In order to keep the tattoo very simple and sweet, a nice decent key with a little candy pink bow on top will make it look cuter. This tattoo is a very sweet one and will immediately make people assume that you are as sweet as the little tattoo!

Follow your heart

5. Keep It Simple!

Creating a tattoo is a craze for some and a life wish for some. And for those who creating a tattoo is a wish, wouldn’t want to go for a bigger or a bolder design. So a simple key in black with just some mild design would be a great idea. To add more impact to the tattoo, write a small word in between the key like honesty, truth, faith, love, princess and whatever that relates to you or your closed ones!

Keep it simple

6. Key With A Dash Of Design!

To make the key tattoo appear bigger and huge, a lot of design can be added which will definitely compliment the main key tattoo. But always keep the design lighter or lesser as compared to the key, because the key should remain the emphasis of the tattoo. A nice key with some shaded elements along with curvy design around it will make it look even more stunning!

Key with a dash of design

7. The Super Girly Key!

Which tattoo could possibly be girly than this one? If you are one of those girls who love pink coloured phone cases, cupcakes, watching chick flicks, adding sparkle and glitter everywhere, then this tattoo will surely define your personality and will speak who you are! The design created is very girly with all those curves and bows. The colour totally depends upon one’s wish, but pink and blue would be ideal!

The super girly key

8. The Lock And Key Combination!

If you have a partner who is ready to do a tattoo too along with you then what could be cute than this? The key on one wrist and the lock on the other will definitely show out the relation and the bond between the two. It will always remind you of your partner and the togetherness. Those wording “One love, one heart” is just like a cherry on the entire concept.

The lock and key combination

9. Family Is Forever!

Out i the materialistic world, what matters the most is love and affection of your family. There probably wouldn’t be a home without a family; it would just be a house. A simple key with family written over it will always bring you closer to your family and your family will always be there no matter where you are and where they are!

Family is forever

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