9 A-Line Bob Hairstyles

9 A-Line Bob Hairstyles

Hairstyles with volume look very nice on women. An A-line bob haircut is one such style with volume that suits on all types of face shapes. The trendy hairstyle is in fashion and will always be a popular choice among women. It is suitable for all hair textures and there is a huge scope of experimenting with A-line bob haircuts with different types of textures and layers. It is an ideal haircut for women who don’t want long hair yet wish to have a stylish hairstyle that is neither short nor very long. A-line bobs have a professional look. Some hairstyles can be used for glamorous parties. Many options are possible like a soft cut, bangs, layers and other styles. Try a stacked cut or layers with this hairstyle. There are many A-line bob haircuts that will help you in looking good and enhancing the appearance and beauty. We will suggest some hairstyles for you.

Following Are The 9 A-line Bob Hairstyles.

1. Playful Layers:

Playful Layers hairstyle is a classy and elegant look. Cut the hair in a chic A-line bob haircut with multiple layers in the hair. For the styling of the hair, wet the hair with water. After that, apply hair gel on the hair. Use a hair dryer to make the hair dry and style it. Finish the hairstyle by using a shine-enhancing serum on the hair.Playful Layers

2. Stacked Bob With Side Bangs:

Stacked Bob With Side Bangs is an attractive look. For this hairstyle, get an A-line haircut with stacked layers. The layers should be cut in a stacked manner so that there is a volume in the hair. The layers at the backside create fullness. Make side bang in the hair. Cut the front side of the hair with an angle. Use hair color to highlight hair strands to give light colored streaks of hair.
Stacked Bob With Side Bangs

3. Textured Layers Bob:

Textured Layers Bob is a beautiful hairstyle for a heart shaped face. Get an A-line haircut up to the level of the collarbones. Cut multiple layers in the hair that has textured ends. Along with this, cut face-framing bangs that surround the face like a frame. Cut long bangs. Use golden and honey hair color to highlight the hair. The hairstyle has a lot of depth, style, and dimension.

Textured Layers Bob

4. Bayalage Baby:

Bayalage Baby is a beautiful hairstyle and it is easy to create it. Get an A-line haircut in a bayalage style cut. It will help in adding dimension to the hair. For styling the hair, use a styling product on the hair. Use a hair dryer after fixing a paddle brush on it and style the hair with it. Use a hair straightener to make the hair endings smooth. Lastly, apply hairspray on the hair.
 Bayalage Baby

5. Bouncy Beach Waves Bob:

Bouncy Beach Waves Bob is a wavy bob hairstyle and it looks very nice. Get this look by cutting the hair in an A-line bob haircut in a stacked style. Make waves in the hair to create a wavy look. Use beach waves for this hairstyle that has texture. The style has a casual look. Highlight the hair strands with a subtle ombre hair color. This will give a beach look to the hair.
Bouncy Beach Waves Bob

6. Ultra Short Pixie Bob:

Ultra Short Pixie Bob hairstyle has a modern and stylish look. Create the hairstyle by cutting the hair in a very short choppy A-line bob haircut with a pixie. Cut the hair slightly below the ear level. Make long bangs in the front side. It is not possible to make a ponytail or bun on this hairstyle. However, it is easy to style the hair.
Ultra Short Pixie Bob

7. A-Line Bob With Eye Framing Bangs:

A-Line Bob With Eye Framing Bangs hairstyle with a bob cut looks very nice. For this hairstyle, cut the hair in an A-line haircut with eye framing bangs. Cut the bangs up to the level of the eyes in an eye-framing manner so that it touches the eyes. Style the hair by using a styling product. Use a hair dryer after fixing a paddle brush on it. Turn the bangs towards the side with the hair dryer. Use a hair straightener to make the hair endings smooth. Lastly, apply hold hairspray on the hair.
A-Line Bob With Eye Framing Bangs

8. Side-Part Long Bob:

Side-Part Long Bob hairstyle is easy to make and it has a messy look. Create the look by getting a long A-line bob haircut with the hair cut long up to the neck or shoulders. Make a side parting in the hair. Curl the hair with a hair curler and spread it with fingers to get a messy look. It gives a classy and undone style to the hair.
Side-Part Long Bob

9. Short Bob With Blunt Bangs:

Short Bob With Blunt Bangs is a suitable hairstyle for women who have greenish or light blue eye color. For this look, get a short A-line bob haircut up to the level of the chin. Make textured cuts in the hair ends. Cut blunt bangs in the hair. Use a chocolate brown hair color for a hair makeover.
Short Bob With Blunt Bangs

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