8 Ways To Use Almond Oil For Healthy Skin And Hair

Almond Oil For Healthy Skin And Hair

When it comes to having healthy hair, almond oil surely tops the list. It is one of the most nourishing oils for your hair because it has almost 300 times more vitamin E than other oils. Also, it is a versatile oil that can be mixed with other oils and ingredients to create the right or perfect hair solution.

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Use Almond Oil For Your Hair, Depending On What Hair You Have:

1. Almond Oil For Glowing Skin

Just mix together 1/4 cup of almond oil with similar quantity of olive oil. Doing so helps you in getting the apt nourishment for your normal skin, without weighing it down. Massage into face and body leave overnight or at least for two hours. Then rinse or wipe using cloth. You can also use the oil to clean your face by wiping it well with cotton post use. For people with oily skin, mix in some honey and lime juice in almond oil. Then apply on face to get a wonderful balance.

skin healthy and glowing

2. Almond Oil For Dry Hair

For dry hair types, you need that added nourishment. So you should mix 1/3 cup of almond oil along with 2 spoons of mustard oil. The almond oil provides nourishment to the scalp and enhances hair growth while the mustard oil prevents frizziness and gets rid of hair flyaways. Massage into scalp and leave overnight. You can also wrap your head around a hot towel to absorb the oils.

Removes dryness of hair

3. Almond Oil For Oily Hair

Mix together 4-5 spoons of almond oil with same amount of coconut oil. To this add about 1 spoon of lemon juice. Mix it well. Then apply on the scalp, this helps in balancing the oiliness from the scalp and hair while adding shine and luster. Don’t leave the oil for more than an hour.

oily hair

4. Almond Oil For Dandruff Treatment

Almond oil is a great ingredient for fighting off dandruff along with other kinds of scalp infections too. It has been seen that almond oil mixed with some tea tree oil fights dryness, gets rid of flakiness and dandruff and prevents scalp infections too. Mix 4-5 spoons of almond oil with few drops of tea tree oil and massage into hair and scalp. Then rinse off after 2-3 hours.


5. Drink Almond Oil For Improve Health

Consuming 1-2 spoons of sweet almond oil is known to nourish hair and prevent many kinds of hair and skin problems. Being rich in vitamin E and other minerals, the sweet almond oil nourishes the hair shaft from within and provides internal strength along with boosting hair growth and get glowing skin. It also improves internal body functions and provides natural lubricant to different organs. You can also add this oil to your milk to improve immunity and get a general dose of healthy fat.

Improves Digestive Health

6. Almond Oil For Wrinkles

Fight wrinkles by massaging your face with almond oil regularly. It is rich in Vitamin E, which is known to delay the emergence of wrinkles. It is also terrific for reducing marks and spots that are associated with aging. You can make a face pack of almond oil with 2 egg whites to beat the wrinkles.


7. For Stretch Marks

During your pregnancy period and even later or before, you should apply almond oil on the stomach and thighs and other areas, which are prone to stretch marks. Doing so helps in reducing their appearance and prevents dryness and stretching of skin, which causes them too.

Reduce stretch marks

8. For Dry Skin Massage

You can also massage the body with this oil to combat dryness and get healthy and glowing skin. It penetrates through the layers of the skin much faster to give you healthy and glowing skin, without any dryness too!


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