8 Ways To Revamp A Boring Outfit Into A Trendy One

Revamp A Boring Outfit Into A Trendy One

“I have been shopping all my life and I still have nothing to wear” is a very famous quite applicable to each and every woman who is addicted to fashion. Being a shopping addict is like the worst habit ever and no matter what I was not able to change into a “stay away from those stores” person. I have like thousand of outfit pieces in my wardrobe but when i wake up in the morning, I am always stuck and have nothing to wear. Often when we clean our wardrobe we throw away those dull and basic pieces which we think are too bland to be work, but ladies you never know how interesting and stylish those boring pieces would look with a little splash of effort and style. Here I am suggesting some ways to jazz up and add brightness to a plain outfit. So here we go!

Here Are 8 Ways To Revamp A Boring Outfit Into A Trendy One:

1. Get Layered Up With A Trendy Printed Scarf!

We usually do not have an idea how a printed scarf would totally transform a plain outfit. Adding a printed scarf in bright poppy colours totally adds to that spice that we need. Long scarves usually cover the entire upper bodice thus becoming an eye candy and grabbing a lot of eye balls! Wear a bright printed scarf and make it a focal point in your outfit. A plain tee or a dress along with a printed scarf can be your on-the-go outfit for a casual outing or a cute date with your better half.

printed scarf

2. Conquer The World With A Pair Of Shoes!

Often have those busy days when you cannot really decide what to wear and you just plan to wear a simple tee and jeans? The best tip will be to add a pair of flashy shoes to your outfit for example a pair of glittery stilettos or some strikingly hot studded gladiators. These shoes often add the fun to the outfit with their bright colours and bold patterns. The best way to put emphasis on your shoes is to wear bright and bold coloured shoes, the ones with print or a pair of glittery rhinestone heels. So go on and stock up on some cute and catchy heels.

pair of shoes

3. Statement Bags That Scream Style!

Adding a bag to your dull and boring outfit can totally revamp the look. Statement bags grab all the attention and usually divert the attention too from your boring outfit to your trendy bag. Invest in some trendy bags and let them speak for your style! If you have a good amount to invest in handbags then go for flashy brand logos and they can create a style statement more than anything! Some of the cool colours that you can try this summer are faded orange, sparkly peach, hot pink, bright yellow, cool mint etc. Or want a bag to last forever, then you might need classy black leather piece that will be versatile enough to suit your every outfit. The best bag options are printed and sequined sparkly bags to transform a dull look into a stylish one.

Statement bags that scream style

4. Accessorize Your Outfit With Statement Jewellery Pieces!

Jewellery pieces have an enormous line of options for styling like dazzling gold cuffs, colourful bracelet stacks, a piece of statement necklace, body chains, a pack of rings etc. You can add statement jewellery to your outfit according to your wish and colour preferences. I would suggest to add bright coloured jewellery in order to make them noticeable and pop out. Jewellery has the power to create a total magic on your outfit. So grab these pieces and 3,2,1… you are transformed into a stylish trendy diva!

Accessorize your outfit with statement jewellery pieces

5. Give Your Old Clothing A Make-over!

Often we have some boring clothing in our wardrobe which we either we have worn for long or no longer like. But ladies do not throw they away just because they are not what you like. Rather become a little crafty and make it look the way you want to. There are so many options to transform your clothes like ripping a pair of plain jeans, creating an off shoulder cut for your oversized tee, adding gold studs to your jacket, ripping the tee from the back and tying ample of knots to create a rough and tough look. You never know how stylish and trendy they could look once transformed. And I am sure no one will even be able to guess that it is the same clothing piece that you got a year ago. Search online for such crafty videos and revamp your clothing piece.

Give your old clothing a make-over

6. Add A Dash Of Glamour With A Perfect Jacket!

A jacket is a wardrobe essential and every woman must own at-least a few pieces. It can transform any look or outfit the way you want it to look. A tailored blazer for an elegant yet sophisticated look, a biker leather jacket for an edgy yet bold look, a lace or crochet for a romantic date look, a tropical printed blazer for a stylish beachy look and the options are endless. You can play with your outfit by adding such cute looking blazers and jackets and rock the event!

Add a dash of glamour with a perfect jacket

7. Get Cozy And Warm With Loads Of Layers!

Layering is not actually loading your-self with those warm shawls or woollen jacket; layering is just an illusion with light weight clothing to create a stylish and brighter look. Layering can do the trick in less than a minute and totally transform a look. Planning to wear a striped tank top? How about you layer it with a soft bright cardigan and a classic denim shirt or a printed jacket over it? This just gives you a look that looks unique from our daily casual look and adds more value to your outfit. You can layer according to your style and the weather too. So go ahead, mix and match a few pieces and look unique.

Get cozy and warm with loads of layers

8. Play With Bright Poppy Colours!

Bright and bold colours often catch a lot of attention than dull and pastel shades. This is the season of bright hues, vibrant shades and poppy accents. A boring outfit can be revamped by adding a splash of colour to the outfit and making it look even more stunning than before. Be it a scarf, handbag, sunglasses, shoes etc; each one can add to the appearance. Also a pop of vibrant colour on nails and lips create a trendy statement during the cheerful weather like spring and summer!

Play with bright poppy colours

So I hope by now, you already have the style ideas to look effortlessly stylish and trendy for the upcoming week. I have created a cool style checklist for the next week, so toss a few pieces here and there and look unique each and every day for the rest of the season.

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