8 Ways To Jazz Up Those Slouchy Over-sized Tees

Ways To Jazz Up Those Slouchy Over-sized Tees

The summers have approached all around and now we ladies are craving for comfort when we style a particular outfit! Slouchy outfits have ruled in this summer and they are comfortable and trendy at the same time. Body hugging outfits are pretty difficult to handle since we sweat continuously and this causes a lot of irritation if we have no space to breathe in those tight clothing. Raise your hands ladies, who love wearing their brother’s or boyfriend’s loose tees at night? They are so much more comfortable than our clothing but we do not dare to wear them for outings. Just because we worry that it would take away the feminism and make us look like a tom-boy! Here are some cute ideas to play with those over-sized tees, feel comfort and look feminine and super stylish at the same time!

Here Are The 8 Ways To Jazz Up Those Slouchy Over-sized Tees:

1. Flaunt Your Slim Waist With High Waist Bottoms!

The best idea to play with an over-sized tee is to pair it up with high waist bottoms. The bottoms can include anything like shorts, cotton pants, denims, skirts etc. Ripped up denim can also be used in order to create that stunning rough and tough look. High waist bottoms are very much in trend currently and they highlight your slim and narrow waist thus giving a feminine touch to the over-sized tee.

Flaunt your slim waist with high waist bottoms

2. It’s The Time To Chop Them Up!

Big and over-sized tees often create a wear lazy boyish look. When you wear them outside your house, some may also think that you have just woken up from your sleep. Although we are nowhere near laziness, long oversized tees give that illusion. Hence we need to be a little crafty here. Crops tops are so much in fad this season, so why not crop them up? Crop them up short and that depends upon the length you wish to keep. Create a cut vertically near the edge and tie a knot there! Isn’t this idea amazing? This is how you can totally transform it. Adding to it, it looks very girly and summery too.

It’s the time to chop them up

3. Prep Up Yourself In Those Stylish Overalls!

Overalls trend do go and comeback, but they look effortlessly stylish when work during summers. Pick up overalls with narrow fitting near the ankles and pair it up with an over-sized tee. This is how it defines your skinny legs and creates a loose comfortable look on the upper bodice. Over-sized tees look super stunning when they plunge out of the fitted overall. So create a sporty and a girl-next-door look by pairing up an over-sized tee with a fitted denim overall.

Prep up yourself in those stylish overalls

4. Create A Casual And Chic Look With A Tuck In!

Over-sized tee are very loose and hence to create a sophisticated and an elegant look, the best option will be to tuck in the over-sized tee into fitted bottoms. There are two types of tucks, you can pick the style you like. The half tuck will be only to tuck the middle portion near the belly area near the button of the denims; full tuck will have the entire tee tucked into the bottoms. Tuck in are the most common form of playing with an over-sized tee and are totally effortless and not at all time consuming. Just tuck the tee in the bottoms when running late and you are definitely going to transform the look.

Create a casual and chic look with a tuck in

5. Create A Stylish Illusion Of A Tunic!

Adding a small thin strap of belt near the empire line under the bust or near the waist or even the low waist will totally change the look of the tee making it look slimmer and better. Adding a belt also highlights the slimmer areas of the body thus making the over-sized tee look girly. Do not like thick belts that are visible? Try small strands of leather belt which are in trend this season. They are not very visible yet tie up the tee like a tunic and create small pleats and creases on the loose fitting tee.

Create a stylish illusion of a tunic

6. Add A Bit Of Glamour At The Back!

There are a lot of creative ideas to create a back cut pattern on an over-sized tee. The most stylish way to play with the back is to make a idle partition vertically, and create some horizontal lines at 1 inch gap and cut them off. Now cute the middle partition too and tie knots with the two ends in the middle. This is how it creates a knotted look and gives you a chance to flaunt your sexy back. This was just a common idea; you can use your own creative ways to spice up the back.

Add a bit of glamour at the back

7. Top It Up With A Cute Blazer Or A Long Cape!

In-case you do not want to get crafty, one of the simplest ways to style an over-sized tee is to add a blazer, a shirt or a jacket over it to add a bit of style to the outfit. It keeps the look simple yet appealing. It is great for casual dates and outfits and a super cool pair-up for summer too! Long capes with add a dash of glamour to the outfit making it look more stunning. This is how the over-sized tee gives you comfort and the top up will give you style.

Top it up with a cute blazer or a long cape

8. Try This Subtly Sexy Trend!

All the ladies want to create a sex appeal, but most of them do not dare too! The best way to look sexy with an over-sized tee without showing off much is to cut the upper grip of the tee and create a boat neck. The boat neck could be worn as an one side off-shoulder tee as well. This style helps to flaunt your sexy shoulders and help you to look casual at the same time. If you want to create a complete off shoulder look then attach a band of elastic after you cute the grip which will plunge on both shoulders holding it in place and giving you the complete off shoulder look that you want. Also roll-up the sleeves a little to create a feminine look.

Try this subtly sexy trend

I hope these little ideas will help you to style out a boyish looking over-sized tee and provide you the comfort you need in the humid months of the year!

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