8 Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Wavy Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are short and easy to maintain. They are suitable for daily use and special occasions like parties and social events. There are many types of bob hairstyles that can be styled in different ways. Wavy bob is one such different and unique style that will make you stand out in the crowd. It gives a feminine look to the face and hair. The hairstyle is very popular and it helps you in looking stylish and gorgeous with a great personality. A wavy bob is a romantic hairstyle for getting a beautiful look. There is a lot of movement in the hair when you create waves with the bob. Make the waves with the help of a hair curler. Set the waves by applying a hairspray on the hair. Getting a wavy bob is a good idea and we will suggest some suitable hairstyles for you.

Following Are The 8 Wavy Bob Hairstyles:

1. Bouncy Bob:

A Bouncy Bob is a simple and basic wavy bob hairstyle that makes you look very beautiful and stylish. Cut the hair in a short bob haircut up to the level of the chin. Make tight curls in the hair and spread with fingers to create bouncy waves in the hair. The hair in this style has a lot of fullness and movement. For styling the hair, use a thermal protection product n your hair. Divide hair into sections and curl with the help of a hair curler after fixing barrel brush on it. Lastly, apply hold finishing spray on the hair.

Bouncy Bob

2. Shoulder Length Spiralled Bob:

Shoulder Length Spiralled Bob is an ideal look if you want short and stylish hair. Cut the hair in a bob haircut up to the level of the shoulders. Cut straight bangs and several layers in the hair. Let the hair surround the face like a frame. Curl the hair and spread to make spiral waves in medium length bob hair. The hairstyle helps in making chubby cheeks look slimmer.

Shoulder Length Spiralled Bob

3. Buttery Blonde Wavy Bob:

Buttery Blonde Wavy Bob hairstyle is suitable for women who have an oval face. To get this look, cut the blonde hair in a short bob haircut up to the level of the chin. If you don’t have naturally blonde hair, use blonde hair color on your hair. Cut bangs in the hair. Make a side parting instead of a center parting. Create waves in the hair. The hairstyle makes you look young looks helping in attracting attention.

Buttery Blonde Wavy Bob

4. Modern Vintage Twist:

Modern Vintage Twist is a vintage wavy bob hairstyle of the olden times. Finger waves are made in a vintage style. Create loose waves that have a modern look. Cut the hair in a medium bob haircut up to the level of the shoulders. To style the hair, use a thermal protection product on the hair. Divide the hair into several sections. Apply hairspray on the hair and curl it in a single direction. After that, brush the curls to create loose waves in the hair. Finish the hairstyle by applying a finishing spray.

Modern Vintage Twist

5. Shaggy Ombre Waves:

Shaggy Ombre Waves hairstyle looks good with a bob cut. To get this look, get a choppy shaggy bob haircut. Instead of cutting the hair straight, cut the hair at a sharp angle. Make long bangs and create waves in the hair. Highlight the hair with a reddish ombre hair color. Use ombre color on the hair edges.

Shaggy Ombre Waves

6. Wavy A-Line Lob:

Wavy A-Line Lob is a beautiful bob hairstyle suitable for thick hair. Get a long bob haircut in an A-line or inverted bob style up to the level of the neck. Make side swept bangs. For this, cut bangs in the front side that surround the face like a frame. Turn the bangs towards the side to get a side swept look. Curl the hair with a hair curler and make waves. The hairstyle makes you look sweet and young.

Wavy A-Line Lob

7. Asymmetric Wavy Bob:

Asymmetric Wavy Bob is a beautiful hairstyle with hair cut in different lengths on both sides. Cut the hair in a short asymmetric bob haircut. Cut one side of the bob shorter than the other side to get unequal and asymmetric hair. Make waves in the hair that look prominent on the longer hair side. For styling, use thermal protection product on the hair. Use a hair curler with barrel brush and curl the hair. Make the hair ends smooth with a hair straightener. Apply texture spray on the hair. Create fullness by massaging the scalp. Lastly, apply a finishing spray.

Asymmetric Wavy Bob

8. Layered Lob With Balayage:

Layered Lob With Balayage is a great hairstyle with waves and a bob cut. Make the hairstyle by cutting the hair in a long bob haircut in a balayage style below the neck level with hair cut in angles. Give a shaggy cut to the hair. Color the hair with a caramel hair color. Create waves in the hair. The hairstyle looks adorable and interesting.

Layered Lob With Balayage



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