8 Tricks To Get The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Ever wondered how to get the perfect winged liner — no fuss no and no stress? It’s is the trickiest thing that you need to master in the world of eye makeup. Fret not! These tricks will help you achieve the perfect winged eyeliner, even if you mess up a little.

Here Are 8 Tricks To Get The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

1. The Card Trick

The trick is not as difficult as it sounds. Take any clean piece of card and hold it against you eye in a diagonal position (from the outer corner towards to the temples). Use the card as your guideline and fill in the gaps. Once you remove the card, you see that you have a perfect wing. Then go back in and fill any gaps that are left.

The Card Trick

2. Use A Tape

This is possibly the easiest trick to do. Instead of a card, use a piece of surgical tape that comes out easily and doesn’t pull your skin. You can also use another piece of tape on top of your eyelid to create a triangle on the outer corner of your eye. Then just fill in between the two tapes and voila, you have your perfect winged eyeliner! Remove the tapes and fill in any imperfections in the inner corners of your eyes and you are done.

Use A Tape

3. Join The Dots

The one is a very popular method to create perfect winged eyeliner but not many attempt at it. Simply draw few dots on top of your lash line keeping them as close to the lash line as possible but making sure you can still see them properly. Simply fill in the dots and you are good to go.

Join The Dots

4. Flat Liner Pen

Take a felt tip eyeliner and press it against your lash line. So basically all you’re doing is pressing the liner flat against the lash line and letting it do all the work for you. Fill in the gaps so the liner looks neat and clean.

Flat Liner Pen

5. Makeup Remover Clean Up

If you have drawn a winged eyeliner with a free hand and it’s not quite as clean as you would like to be, all you need to do is to take another eyeliner brush dipped in makeup remover and simply clean where you’ve messed up. This makeup remover acts like an eraser and thus you can get your winged eyeliner as neat and precise as you want it.

Makeup Remover Clean Up

6. DIY Stencil

This is a bit tricky but not all that difficult. Take a small spoon and place at the outer corner of your eyelid and then trace around the curve to create a wing. You can use anything for your stencil but make sure that it’s a nice and delicate curve. Then go in and draw the inner corners and fill in any gaps.

DIY Stencil

7. Concealer Clean Up

So you’ve got your perfect winged liner but then you make a mistake and all hell breaks loose. In a situation like this, all you need to do is to get some concealer on an angled eyebrow brush and carve out the wing again, cleaning the imperfections while at it.

Concealer Clean Up

8. Hooded Eye Method

Get a dark pencil eyeliner and tightline the waterline of the top lash line. Then gently hold taut the outer corner of your eye and draw a very thin wing. Fill in lightly and you’ve got the most precise wing.

Hooded Eye Method

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