8 Trendy Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles

The cute short hairdo, bob is always trendy for its elegance. It is a versatile and ageless style that is reinvented every season, so you have several styles to choose from. One such cool, modern variant of the classic bob is the inverted bob, which adds an edge to the hair cut! Here we have listed a collection of classy inverted bob hairstyles that will flatter you and inspire you to get one. Have a look.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles

1. Voluminous

A stacked bob with a fiery hair color would make you look just hot. The long layers form the crown region falling towards the nape is stacked on each other to produce the illusion of volume. The short back and the long front layers again create fullness. This hairstyle is perfect for those with straight, silky hair.


2. Whimsical

This is a quirky and cute style trending among young women to show off their bold and unique personality. While the classic inverted bob incorporates a gradual increase in length of the hair from back to front, this distinctive style with an asymmetrically cut sections has short hair at the back and elongated tresses (almost neck length) in the front creating a whimsical style.


3. Hi-style

A wavy long inverted bob is so chic. The big curls in this style add volume to your hair that looks pretty. The blonde color is again a key feature that makes the style cool and modern. In addition, the color helps break the heaviness of the curls and creates an illusion lightness and fullness.


4. Fringes

Adding a fringe to your hairstyle will show up your face shape and draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows. Especially, a forehead fringe to an inverted bob hairstyle will frame your face beautifully creating a sweet and cute look.


5. Classic

The classic, uncomplicated long layered inverted bob is simply the best style that suits women of all ages. Go for shaggy layers of shoulder length and highlight the layers with radiant blonde hair color. This style will increase your charm and make you look young and trendy irrespective of your age. Besides blonde, the style looks great for hair in various shades of brown too. This particular hair color will make your tresses look healthy and shiny and also draws attention to your features.


6. Frizzy

This hairstyle is perfect for those who love frizzy and messy hairstyles. The frizzy effect of this inverted bob will give the whole look an awesome attitude while retaining a youthful aura. However, taking care of this haircut would be a bit difficult thing to do.


7. Short Inverted Bob

This style is quite popular these days. You can see many of the celebrities sporting the short inverted bob hair cut. The style best suits those with round or oval shaped face. You can go for some side fringes if you want. Pick this fashionable hairstyle if you prefer shorter hair.

Short Inverted Bob

8. Vivid Colored Inverted Bob Style

If you add some colour to the inverted bob, it will bring an exclusive definition to the look. Candy pink or heavy purple inverted bob is unique and can mesmerize people. The style is perfect for winter and fall season. When the temperature is freezing cold, the ‘hotter’ your locks look, the better it is! Your friends will definitely be amazed by this awesome transformation. Whether it is interlocking heavy curls in purple or the smooth flowing and seductive pink hair, the style evokes uniqueness and takes this hairstyle to a complete new level.

Vivid Colored Inverted Bob Style

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