8 Tooth-brushing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Tooth-brushing Mistakes

You might have seen many ads on TV where a guy is hesitating to go close to a girl or that one where a guy takes a bite of an apple and find blood stain on the apple etc. well if you eliminate the drama from these ads there are number of people around who actually suffers the same problem.

But these product based ads only highlights the toothpaste or toothbrush to the viewers for their selling propositions but there is definitely another fact which is also responsible for your oral health and i.e. is the right tooth-brushing technique. Which most of the people are ignorant about and in turns they face numerous oral problems as bleeding gum, yellow teeth, bad breath, tooth decay, gum infection etc. which even pave the way for many serious health problems as stomach disorder, heart diseases, respiratory issues etc. So if you think you are brushing right then give a second thought and find the common tooth-brushing mistakes below which you must check before its late.

Here The 8 Tooth-brushing Mistakes You Should Avoid:

Using A Random Toothbrush:

One of the common mistakes that people do and are completely unaware of that, is picking a wrong tooth brush. Tooth-brush comes in array of different sizes so you can choose the right one for you with right size and soft bristles. If you pick a bigger one according to your mouth size then you find yourself struggling to keep the mouth open for longer time. Beside the longer bristles tend to injure your gums and the inner walls of your mouth while tooth-brush comparatively smaller in size is not capable to clean your mouth in a right way.

Using A Random Toothbrush

Improper Technique:

People often complaints that they are brush twice daily still facing oral problems and in these cases improper brushing technique can also be an issue. Whenever you brush make sure you are holding your brush at 45 degree angle to your gum line and brush gently with circular, vertical motion along with short strokes. Brush upward and downward and even to the unreachable places in your mouth where bacteria sit easily and cause tooth decay. Finally brush your tongue mildly to secure the complete cleanliness and then rinse your moth off with clean water.

Improper technique

Insufficient Brushing Time:

Another careless brushing mistake can be taken down is the insufficient time for brushing. Dental health experts prefer brushing thrice a day but if in hustle bustle of daily life you can’t follow it religiously then brushing twice a day should be a must do activity for you. Expert says to dedicate atleast 2 minutes of time for brushing. To utilize the time properly it is best to separate your mouth into to 4 parts and allot ½ minutes to each part.

Insufficient Brushing time

Too Much Brushing:

If you think brushing too much can enable you positive results quickly then be sure its not. Brushing more than thrice a day or putting too much pressure while brushing may bring opposite results as it destroy the enamel layer over your teeth and also causes injury to your gum.

Too much Brushing

Avoiding Brushing The Tongue:

Many people don’t pay much attention in cleaning the tongue while brushing which often leads to bad breath problem. When you intake food the bacteria in it not only attacks your teeth and gum but your tongue too. So for over all cleaning of your mouth you just can’t skip the tongue. You may either use tongue scraper or the brushes which are available with a tongue cleaning back.

Avoiding brushing the tongue

Keeping The Brush In The Bathroom:

Many people chooses bathroom to keep their toothbrushes in but that’s no doubt a great mistake. As bathroom tend to be a damp place and a store-house for various bacteria so when you keep your brush in such condition numerous germs and bacteria are likely to develop there. So it is recommended to let your brush dry completely after every use and better to keep it I a dry closed cupboard.

Keeping the brush in the Bathroom

Using The Old Tooth-brush Too Long:

As we replace our outfit or shoes when they frayed, do we give a second thought about replacing our tooth-brush that frequently? Most people will answer in negative. Dental experts suggest changing tooth-brushes on every 3 or 4 months interval. When the tooth-brush bristles starts breaking apart or fraying it can’t clean your mouth properly. Hence as soon you find the bristle losing their flexibility, change it.

Using the old tooth-brush too long

Using Other’s Tooth-brush:

One of the stupid and unhealthy tooth-brushing mistakes could be using other’s tooth-brush. May it be your family member or friend, keep off from exchanging tooth-brushes. As bacteria can travels through the brushes, they can make you vulnerable to number of oral health issues.

Using other’s tooth-brush

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