8 Tips To Do Shimmery Face Makeup

Tips To Do Shimmery Face Makeup

Shimmery makeup is something that is really in vogue, especially during the winter months when the skin tends to get dry and you want to add a wow factor to your face. But when it comes to shimmery face makeup there are some things that should be kept in mind before starting off. Doing so will ensure that you get a makeup finish that is perfect without being over the top.

So Check These Out-

1. Don’t Go Over The Top

There’s a difference between doing light shimmery makeup and going overboard. So you need to identify the areas that you want to be shimmery and the ones that you want to avoid. Ideally, it is suggested that you opt for shimmery eye makeup and avoid the face. Or you can stick to cheeks and lips and avoid eyes. Just remember being subtle is the cue here.

Don't Go Over The Top

2. For Shimmery Eyes

When doing shimmery eyes, one of the basics that you need is a foundation that is glossy or matte but not too shimmery. Else, your eye shadow colors won’t reflect clearly. Once you have the base right, choose eye colors to highlight the look, especially shadow. You can add a base shimmer coat with a peach or light blush and then go for bolder shades that glitter, especially around the outer areas. Be careful during application so that it doesn’t enter the eyes.

For Shimmery Eyes

3. Bronze, Gold Or Silver

When going for a metallic look all over the face, you have to be very careful in choosing the shimmer shade, be it foundation or the blush. For instance, a shade of silver may look great on medium complexions but not on fair and darker ones. Similarly, bronze is something that goes for most skin types. When it comes to golden, be sure that you choose a shade that compliments your skin tone.

Bronze, Gold or Silver

4. Highlights With Shimmer

If you want a base that is matte and highly certain areas then choose a shimmer tone like pink or peach that goes with everything. You can add other colors and highlight the brows, cheekbones, forehead, etc. and leave other places matte.

Highlights With Shimmer

5. For Lips

Shimmery lips are all about striking the right balance between glossy and glittery. For doing the right lip glitter, you first need to buy a shade of shimmer that is in gloss form. This is suggested because you want to keep a base that remains constant. Shimmer goes away very fast. Apply the base lipstick coats along with liner and then give two final coats of a shimmery lip gloss. Keep the color slightly brighter than your lipstick shade.

For Lips

6. Applying on Eyebrows

When doing shimmer on the eyebrows, it is first suggested to mix up the shade of bronze or gold with your base foundation. This will add a natural base to your face. Then, you can add a final layer of shimmer on the outer area to create wow highlights.

Applying on Eyebrows

7. Shimmery Kohl

You also get shimmery kohl pencil these days. You can pick from shades like blue, green, black, etc. Again, the trick here is to keep it in a way that the glitter stands out. For instance, if you are doing bold shades on brows then stick to blacks. If you are keeping eyes subtle, then go for bolder colors.

Shimmery Kohl

8. Full Face Shimmery Makeup

For a full face shimmery makeup, keep the occasion in mind. You don’t want to look to gaudy. So start with a base tone of light shimmer like bronze and then add some bolder highlights with green or pink around brows. For the cheeks, use a very light hue of pink along with lips.

Full Face Shimmery Makeup

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