8 Tips For Glowing Skin During Winters

Glowing Skin During Winters

Each weather has it’s pros and cons which effects our skin in every way. Now as winter progresses, our skin needs extra care. Cold winds make our skin dry and the change in the climatic conditions effects our skin. Many people start having dryness on face, hands and legs and some people notice skin flaking, cracks and eczema. The cold winds remove moisture from our skin and neglecting that will worsen the condition. It is important to take a different approach towards skin care during winters.

Here Are Some Tips To Get A Healthy Glowing Skin During Winters

1 Oil Based Moisturizer For Perfect Skin

As the weather changes, we need to make changes in our Beauty regimen. During winters opt for a moisturizer that is oil based and not water based. Oil based moisturizer will act as a protective shield for your skin and will help in retaining moisture for a longer time. Not every oil based moisturizer is suitable for skin. Always opt for non clogging oils such as avocado oil, almond oil or mineral oil. Never use shea or butter oil on face as these can clog pores. Also avoid use of vegetable shortening on face as it can clog pores and result in breakouts.

Oil Based Moisturizer For Perfect Skin

2  Use Lukewarm Water For Bathing

Bathing in hot water is one of the most relaxing regimen of winters, but this hot water breaks the lipid barrier of our skin and makes it dry. Use lukewarm water for bathing and try bath as quickly as possible. Mix oatmeal and baking soda in equal quantities in lukewarm water to soothe skin burns. Skin moisturizing is also important at regular intervals.

Use Lukewarm Water For Bathing

3 Applying Mild Face Masks

Women with dry skin should avoid strong peels, alcohol based toners and astringents. Instead use cleansing milk or any mild cleanser which are not alcohol based. You can also use a face mask that gives deep hydration. Do not use clay based face masks as they tend to remove moisture from the skin.

Applying Mild Face Masks

4 Petroleum Jelly For Smooth Feet

During summers a light weight cream or lotion is enough to keep our feet healthy but in dry winters our feet need extra care. Look for products that have petroleum jelly or glycerine. Also use any exfoliant to remove dead skin cells from feet. This will help the moisturizer to penetrate deep into the skin and help in skin healing. Try to keep you feet covered during winters.

Petroleum Jelly For Smooth Feet

5 Water For Natural Hyderation

We all know that water is very important for our skin. It makes skin soft and supple. During winters it is natural for our body to forget the importance of keeping our body hydrated as we hardly feel thirsty. Regular intake of water or any fluid is necessary for a healthy skin and body.

Water For Natural Hyderation

6 Sunscreens As Skin Savers

Sunscreens are not just meant for summers. Winter sun and cold winds are not good for skin. Apply sunscreen on face, neck and arms 30 minutes before going outside. Keep reapplying sunscreen if you are out for a longer time.

Sunscreens As Skin Savers

7 For Soft Hands Hands During Winters

The skin of our hands is very sensitive and it has less oil glands. If hands are not properly moisturized then it can cause skin breaking and itching. Always wear woolen gloves in winters to keep hands soft. Sometimes woolen gloves can cause irritation on dry hands , so to avoid that moisturize hands,  wear cotton gloves and then wear woolen gloves. This will Not irritate the skin.

 For Soft Hands Hands During Winters

8 Contact A Dermatologist

During winters seek advice from a dermatologist. They can give you a full detail of your skin type and what things to use and what to avoid. Everybody has different skin type so never do what your friend or sister is doing. Ask a doctor and keep you skin healthy.

Contact A Dermatologist