8 Tips For Adding Gloss To The Hair

Healthy and beautiful hair helps in making a person look attractive with a pleasing personality. A large number of people suffer from hair problems today due to pollution, stress, poor diet, and diseases. Dryness of hair can make it very rough and fragile. Lack of moisture and hydration causes dullness, lack of luster, hair fall, and many other problems. Women who have shiny and bouncy hair look very beautiful. Use of the right hair products, shampoos and conditioners can improve the condition of the hair. It is possible to make the hair look shiny by adding gloss to it. There are several ways of adding shine to the hair. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The 8 Tips For Adding Gloss To The Hair

1. Use A Good Shampoo And Conditioner

Clean the hair properly by washing it with a shampoo. The best option is to use a shampoo that does not have sulfate in it. After that, apply conditioner and wash the hair. It is beneficial to use leave-in conditioners. Apply the product and leave the hair without washing it. This makes the hair shiny.


2. Wash The Hair With Cold Water

Use cold water for washing the hair. Using hot water on hair damages it leading to uneven rough hair. Avoid doing this. Instead of hot water, you should wash the hair with cold water. If you have to use warm water, give the final rinse with cold water.

Wash The Hair With Cold Water

3. Apply Warm Oil On Hair

Hot oiling helps in adding moisture to dry hair and making it look shiny. For this, you should mix coconut oil with a very little amount of two other oils castor as well as almond oils. Heat the oil slightly. Apply the warm oils on hair and scalp especially on hair roots. Wash the hair after two hours with a shampoo. You can also apply oil before sleeping at night. Wash the hair next day.

Apply Warm Oil On Hair

4. Use Essential Oils

Apart from using the above oils, you can also use essential oils to add shine to the hair. Using emolliating oils like Lavender and Argan oils helps in lubricating the hair. The oil goes deep into the hair cortex and shaft and helps in nourishing it. You can also use Rosemary oil on the hair.


Lavender Oil

5. Apply Vitamin E Oil On Hair

Some nutrients like Vitamin E help in nourishing the hair and making it look shiny. For this, you need to use the vitamin externally on the hair. Puncture capsules of Vitamin E with a needle and take out its liquid. Apply the liquid on hair roots and hairline. It will improve blood circulation in the hair. You can also apply hair serum that contains Vitamin E.

Vitamin E Oil

6. Use Egg Yolk Hair Mask

Use egg yolk for fighting dryness in the hair and adding shine. Break two eggs and separate its yellow part. Add a little amount of yogurt with the yolk. Mix well. Apply the hair mask on the hair for at least fifteen minutes. After that, you can wash the hair using a shampoo. Use conditioner also.

Egg Yolk Hair Mask

7. Wash The Hair With Beer

Beer contains high amounts of protein, which nourishes the hair and heals damage in it. Many people use beer to make the hair shiny. First, you should shampoo the hair. After that, apply beer all over the hair and scalp. Do a gentle massage with your fingers. Wash the hair after five minutes. Do this one time in fourteen days.



8. Use A Shine Spray On Hair

Use a hair product called shine spray for adding an artificial shine and sparkle in the hair. Choose a spray that contains moisturizing ingredients that make the hair soft. There are different types of shine sprays available in the market that doesn’t make the hair greasy.



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