8 Superb Overnight Beauty Tips To Wake Up Looking Beautiful

After a long day of work and exposure to sun rays, pollution and heavy makeup, we must allow our skin, hair and in fact, the entire body to self heal and rejuvenate. While most of us often get up looking tired and sometimes even bizarre due to lack of proper skin and hair maintenance at night, we can easily beat the problem by following simple night-time beauty tips. These tips tough absolutely basic, are easy to incorporate in one’s routine and are thus extremely beneficial.

Here Are The 8 Superb Overnight Beauty Tips To Wake Up Looking Beautiful:

1. Cleansing

Cleansing the skin, especially the facial skin is vital for proper skin care, especially before going to bed when our skin should be completely rid of dirt, pollution and sweat after a long day of work. Furthermore, applying any skin care product without prior cleansing blocks the already dirt-filled skin pores and often leads to skin problems like acne zits. Hence, choose a mild cleanser suitable for your skin type and make sure that you cleanse your skin properly before going to bed.

Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

2. Face Moisturization

Following a suitable moisturization process is crucial for maintaining skin health. Moreover, moisturization helps repair and rejuvenate the skin overnight. You can either settle for a good night cream or even a suitable oil, like coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize your skin. Massage the oil softly for a few seconds so that it gets easily penetrated into the skin pores and you get a well toned skin.

Use Moisturizer

3. Feet Care

Maintaining proper feet care before going to bed can promote overall good physical and mental health. Keep your feet looking good and healthy by regularly massaging them with warm olive oil or rubbing a bit of petroleum jelly and keeping them covered with socks to prevent moisture loss.

Feet Care

4. Hair Care And Growth

Just like our skin, our hair also derives more nutrition during the night and hence oiling them regularly before going to bed proves extremely beneficial for our hair. However; you don’t have to go gaga over oiling, simply dip your fingers in a little bit of oil and massage the amount over your roots in a circular motion. Other than oiling, make sure that your keep your head or at least your manes covered with a good silk scarf to minimize hair damage from friction.

Hair Care And Growth

5. Dark Circles Treatment

Gone will be the days of puffy and black eyes when you will treat your dark circles with almond oil. Use the tip of your finger ring to gently massage a little bit of almond oil all around your eyes. Vitamin E present in almond oil aids in skin regeneration and helps to rejuvenate tired skin around the eyes, thereby beating dark circles.

Dark Circles Treatment

6. Lip Moisturization

Another crucial step towards achieving that beautiful, fresh look in the morning can be giving a wee bit more time towards your lips. Nothing can make you look fresher and sweet than supple and sumptuous lips. So make sure that you dab a little bit of olive oil or petroleum jelly on your lips everyday before going to bed.

Lip Moisturization

7. Hand Care

Hands play a vital role in our lives and it should be our responsibility to treat them well. Regular exfoliation and moisturization is vital for maintaining proper hand care and you can choose a simple night time moisturizer like olive oil or coconut oil to keep your hands soft and supple throughout the day.

Hand Care

8. Split End Treatment

Hair damage because of dryness is one of the major triggers for split ends. You can easily check the loss by smoothing some aloe vera gel on your hair tips to seal the moisture in your locks.

Split End Treatment

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