8 Superb Benefits Of Hot Oil Manicure

8 Superb Benefits Of Hot Oil Manicure

Beautiful hands are always desired by every lady. All of us are afraid of dry and rough hands, but there is a superb solution for this problem which is completely natural and that is hot oil manicure. It is new age beauty treatment. Though is quite expensive at parlors and spa but if the necessary beauty oils are available with us we can easily perform this task at home. First of all, the nails and cuticles are filed with the help of a professional nail filer. Then the hands are soaked in warm water mixed with few drops of a mild cleanser in it. It is done for a duration of nearly 15-20 minutes. Then a good branded moisturizer is applied to the hands. Nail and cuticles are massaged gently for exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. After that a base coat of nail paint is applied on all the nails. Then the hands are kept dip in warm oils. These oils are rich and herbal. Basically the herbal oils used are olive oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil etc. Hot oil manicure is very beneficial for your hands.
Here are some of the benefits of hot oil manicure:

Smoothens Skin

Hot oil massage tight the skin pores of your hands and make them very soft. When the skin is massaged it improves the blood circulation and prevents premature skin aging.

Strong nails

Beneficial For Nails

Hot oil manicure not only cleanse and exfoliate you nails further it cures brittle nails and makes them lustrous and shiny as never before. Your nails would rejuvenate and grow faster being strong and healthy. After all maintaining the long and shiny nails is the most prevailing fashion trend today.

Clean your nails

Softens The Cuticles

Filing of the cuticles and moisturizing them by the hot oil therapy is very important and beneficial part of this whole process. Cuticles, if not maintained properly retards the healthy growth of your nails. Hot oils nourish the cuticles and make them soft. Cuticles need to be cut and filed regularly for healthy nails. If they are not pushed back, they become hard and brittles which can even cause pain afterwards.

Trim the cuticles

Prevents Ageing Of Hands

If you don’t take care of your hands properly they would start looking rough, dry and damaged leading to premature ageing. It diminishes your beauty and make you underconfident too. Dipping the hands in hot oils with a proper massaged remove the dead skin cells. Herbal oils such as olive oil are very good for your hands. But for the best results, it is very important to have the hot oil manicure every month or after a period of 20 days.

prevents hands aging

Strengthen The Hand Bones

Hands are the most important and most used part of our body. We cannot perform any task without the help of our hands. So the hands deserve the utmost care for your healthy working. Hot oil manicure enables you to get your hands pampered by the rich herbal oils. Massaging of hands gently leads to the strength of bones. The hot oils penetrate deep into skin and hand muscles. It nourishes your bones and give them the necessary care that is required.

hands bone

Prevents Dark Patches

If the hands are not maintained and exfoliated regularly, then your skin of fingers becomes dark and patchy. It gives an awfully bad look to your hands. Therefore it is very necessary to scrub the hands before getting a hot oil manicure. When the hands are kept dip in the hot oil, it should be massaged in a slow motion on the fingers. So that the skin of your fingers would not appear as dark and patchy. There is one more amazing tip to perform in between the hot oil manicure. You can take a lemon. Cut it into 2 pieces and rub on dark patches of finger. It deeply cleanses the patches and after that the hands should be dipped in the hot oil. This will double the magic of hot oil manicure and give the amazing results to you.

dark patches on hand

Minimizes The Unwanted Hair

You must have noticed the unwanted hair growing on your beautiful hands. Besides you take wax treatments or any other hair removal method, the hot oil massage is also useful for this. Though it cannot remove the hair completely but it is an amazing therapy if you want to minimize that unwanted hair through natural method. If you take hot oil manicure after regular intervals of time you can see the desirable result in hair removal. It really minimizes the hair growth. You must try and see the results yourself.

Gelish French Manicure

Prevents Skinny Hands

Some ladies are healthy enough but notice that their hands are skinny and not look beautiful and healthy. Hot oil manicure is a very good option in that case. When the hands are massaged by hot oils with professional manner, it reforms the structure of skin and makes your hands look healthy.

akinny hands

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