8 Super Chic Box Braided Hairstyles

Chic Box Braided Hairstyles

Box braids gained popularity after the pop stars rocked the style in the 90s. Since then, the ethnic hairdo has been one of the favorite styles not only to look sensual, but also to protect the hair. Whether you call it jumbo braids or box braids, this hairstyle is definitely one to try. It is perfect to protect your natural hair during the winter months. Besides being versatile, many of them like it because it does not require much maintenance. These braids could last for several months even without proper attention. Although this trendy look might seem a bit tricky, you can achieve this amazing style with step by step tutorial. Eight different ways to wear the box brides are given here. Have a look to rock the style the next time!

Box Braided Hairstyles:

1. Thin And Long:

Rock the box braid style like the 90s pop star with the long braids that fall almost to your waist level. Keep the braids thin and long to cut off the heaviness and make it more appealing. A side part with thick and dark eyebrows and bold lips will make you very exotic.

Thin And Long

2. Jumbo Braid with Top Bun:

Larger braids are quite common with box braided hairdos, but to make it look cool, pull a part of the braided hair into a top knot. Leave the rest of the hair free on the sides and back. Thick roots with tapering ends will look awesome when combined with bold cat eye and a quirky lip color.

 Jumbo Braid with Top Bun

3. Casual Updo:

A casual bun with slender braids is something that will create an effect similar to that of a messy bun. The half up, half down hair with the hair twisted to form a loose bun at the crown region will make your look chic effortlessly. This style is something everyone will love to wear every day. It gives a laid-back boho look.

Casual Updo

4. Braided Half Updo:

This is a cute style even the beginners can try. Pull the front braids back and create a thick braid. Leave the rest of the braid on the back fall freely. Make sure the braid on the back is flat. This will create a sweet girl look. You can wear this style for any event or any day. You will never go wrong with your hairdo.

Braided Half Updo

5. Boxer Braids:

The braided braid look is simply awesome and just perfect for girls, who are fond of pigtails. A Saturday night out, unplanned outing with friends, night concert or whatever, this style is chic and hassle-free.

Boxer Braids

6. Box-Braid Bob:

Bob is a timeless hairstyle and will never go out of style. A box-braid bob style is perfect if you live in a place with hot climate. Short box braids are quite easy to maintain as well. Also they are quite light on the head. The style rocks with this super chic hairstyle.

Box-Braid Bob

7. Shaved Sides Bun Hairstyles:

A new trend that is catching up is the shaved sides’ bun hairstyle. The sides are shaved or closely cut and the rest of the hair is styled into box braids, which is gathered together into a high bun at the top. This style is perfect during warmer season to beat the heat and at the same time look incredibly fierce.

Shaved Sides Bun Hairstyles

8. High Ponytail:

A high ponytail looks incredibly chic when done right. As it is quite easy anybody can do this hairstyle and rock with it. Whether you have small or big, long or short braids, for a perfect finish, you can accessorize your braids that will make it look funky.

High Ponytail