8 Stunning Nail Art For Office Goers

Nail Art For Office Goers

Although office style should look formal and neat, the manicure for office goers need not look boring. Minimal geometric designs, monochromatic color palettes can add sophisticated and cool touch to the office wardrobe and look perfect for a meeting as well as for drinks after your office hours. Here are a few trendy yet subtle styles that would be great for professional environment. Moreover, you don’t need any expensive tools to get this look. Bobby pins for dotting, a scotch tape for straight lines and make up sponge to create ombre nails are just some of the tools required to create these fun designs.

Nail Art For Office Goers

1. Marble Nails

The chic nail art might look complex, but it is actually quite simple to achieve. Paint the nails white and dip a scrunched up piece of plastic wrap in a grey or any other color and dab in onto your nails. Let it dry and finish with a top coat.

Marble Nails

2. Ombre

Painting the nails with close shades of a particular color is a smart way to add some interest to your boring regular manicure. It will look more original, neat and stylish. Simply choose various shades of a particular color and paint your nails from light to dark shades in a series. For example, shades of blue or pink will look great.


3. Nude With Subtle Highlights

A nude nail color is a great choice for office as it would look soft and formal. With the variety of nude colors available from peach to platinum and also flesh tones, you can never go wrong with it. If you want to add a little sparkle to it and make your nails trendier, add a single strip of gold or silver in whichever direction you want and finish it with a top coat.

Nude With Subtle Highlights

4. Flip Side Twist

Make a statement with your nail art by painting the underside of the nails. Go for a pastel or neutral color nail polish on the top side and coat the underside of the nails with bright tangerine or neon colors. Cool and stylish your nails will look.

 Flip Side Twist

5. Black And Glitter

A glossy black polish with glitters would look out of the world. However, when you wear the classic combination for office, you need to wear it carefully, so that it looks stylish and yet not too sparkly and gaudy. So, paint the nails with black and paint a ray of golden or silver glitter on only one nail. You can go for a black and glitter geometric shape on an accent nail.

Black And Glitter

6. Gold Strips

The gold strips on white background are not only easy to make, but pretty as well. The straight lines in golden color are not too glittery, but add the right amount of sheen to your nails. You can be little creative and decide how to apply the lines, it could be straight, diagonal or simply an X.

Gold Strips

7. Mixed Media

Layering shiny and matte polishes is fun way to do your nails. This is perfect way to play with the contrasts. A bit of matte and glossy polish is not only fancy, but the effect is faint enough for even a reserved workplace.

Mixed Media

8. Single Dot

This minimalist nail art design is just perfect for those office goers, who don’t feel like doing complicated designs. The easy single dot design is pretty and chic. All you need is two contrasting nail colors. First apply the base nail polish and when it dries, add the super simple single dot in another color and you are ready to go. You can use the color combinations of your choice to get this subtle, yet striking design.

Single Dot

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