8 Smart Ways To Pack The Right Outfits For Summer Vacations

Outfits For Summer Vacations

Summers have started and all everyone can think about right now is their much-awaited vacations. Every one needs a nice break and the summer weather is the best time to unwind.While you might be beyond excited for your vacation, the task of packing is obviously never easy. Every time you pack for your vacation, you are in a constant dilemma as to what to take along with you during the summers. You need enough clothes with you for every event you can imagine during your vacations without exploding your traveling bag. here are a few outfit ideas that can help you sail through this without being worried about carrying too much luggage and also make you look chic and fashionable throughout the entire vacation.

1. Scarves:

Scarves can work wonders. If you have had enough experiences with sun burns, scarves might mean a lot more than just an accessory. But if you are looking for ways to expand your outfit without really having to pack too many clothes, this is the best way to do so. Get a couple of vibrant but dramatically different scarves and pair them with your plain tank tops and shorts. They add all the necessary color to your outfit and can make each time you wear a different scarf look like an entirely different outfit. This is the perfect option to go for when you are planning on spending multiple days shopping or sightseeing with your friends. You can also use them as head scarves and get the perfect boho chic look.


2. Bags:

You can easily carry a few small duffle bags while travelling. They can prove to be a lot more helpful than you can imagine. They are not difficult to pack and can in fact help you in packing those extra stuff that don’t fit in your luggage. They add a whole new look to your plain outfits when you match them right. Match them with your plain top and shorts to get the perfect hiking look. You can sling your bag over one shoulder and pair it with your long maxi dresses and look chic for those evening parties. It’s all about imagination and you can experiment with different looks and have fun.



3. Straw Hats:

While they might seem more like a necessity to you, they are actually quite a fun way to play with outfits. Your hat can change the way you look at your outfit and can help you trick people into thinking you have changed your entire outfit. All you need to do is add a few accessories and change the hair style in order to make your outfit look completely different.

Straw Hats

4. Summer Shrugs:

Summer shrugs are very chic right now. They add a lot of color and style to your outfits and can drastically change the look of your outfit. While you can go sightseeing and shopping in your plain outfits that help you sail through the hot climate, you can immediately add on a funky shrug to your plain outfit and look ready for a night out. Experiment with colors and prints and you will be amazed with the amount of new looks you can achieve by just playing with this shrugs. You could ditch the shorts and go for playful skirts or you could add a few accessories that go with your shrug and get a new look every time.

Summer Shrugs

5. Belts:

Clubbing any simple floral dress or tunic with different kinds of belts is a very smart idea to look glam. You would obviously pack simple tunics and dresses to make it easy to roam and shop during the hot climate. So, instead of packing extra outfits for the nights, you can make use of simple accessories like belts with glitter or new patterns to make use of the same simple outfit for different occasions without looking repetitive. You can experiment with different colors and styles of belts and try to work them with different pairs of footwear to get the right look.


6. Tunics:

Tunics are a very smart way to look chic and feel comfortable at the same time. They are so many different types of patterns and colors you can choose from and they are extremely easy to pack. All you have got to do is choose the right cloth and pattern and you can use the same outfit for different occasions and look as glam as ever. Club them with shorts or simple pants in the mornings and ditch the shorts during your night outs or evenings. Wear right accessories that will make the tunic look more chic and interesting. You can use an interesting scarf or belt as we have already mentioned with the right tunics and you are good to go.


7. Sandals With Glitter:

One of the most common problems we face during packing for vacations is packing the right amount and types of shoes for the outfits we carry. Footwear that seems right with evening wear aren’t very comfortable to wear for the mornings when you have to walk a lot. At the same time, comfortable footwear like slippers or flip flops that go well during the days don’t do too well for the evening outfits. In such cases, you can always pack a pair of sandals which have some bling or glitter on it to make them seem right for both the occasions. You won’t have to burn a hole a pocket for such sandals and at the same time, they won’t disappoint you.

Sandals With Glitter

8. Bangles And Hand Accessories:

Accessories like bangles or  hand bands can alter your outfit dramatically. Rings and bangles, when you change the number and style, can give you different looks and can help you experiment with different combinations. Although just changing these accessories might not help you tricking your friends, it can help a lot when you are using the above mentioned tips to alter your look. Make sure to keep the different colors and patterns your entire look consists of before zeroing on the right accessory. They are the best ways to add glamour to your look for evenings. Use glitter and metal accessories to make you look fashionable without putting too many efforts. This can lessen the size of your luggage drastically.

Bangles And Hand Accessories

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