8 Signs Of Makeup Addiction You Should Be Aware Of


Signs Of Makeup Addiction You Should Be Aware Of

Everyone wants to look perfect, beautiful and their best. However some people just go overboard with this idea and make it their lame passion. Makeup and cosmetics becomes an obsession for them which ends up making life difficult for them as well as the people around them. Such makeup lovers display common behavioural traits and can thus be easily spotted in a crowd. Some symptoms of this unhealthy addiction that we should be aware of are:

1. Cosmetic Collection

Hoarding cosmetics is a definite sign of makeup addiction. Already possessing a vast stash of makeup does not stop a makeup addicts from adding newer and latest cosmetics to their collection. Even after they buy the newest cosmetics available in the market, they still cling to the old, outdated and even expired ones in the existing stash and refuse to part with them at any cost.

Cosmetic Collection

2. The Makeup High

When buying cosmetics becomes a prime source of happiness and excitement, it surely indicates that one is addicted to makeup. A shopping session definitely would include buying cosmetics, most often those which they don’t need and also can’t afford. They buy and hide the new makeup from their friends and family who are expected to create a ruckus over the irrational and needless purchase. Buying makeup basically creates a rush for such people.

The Makeup High

3. Repetative Vanity Case

If multiples of the same kind of cosmetic is found in their vanity case, they are makeup addicts for sure. Having a dozen of the same shade of lipsticks, BB creams from all the cosmetic brands available in the market, a score of eye liners etc is how a makeup addicts cosmetic collection would look like. These people end up buying new cosmetics even before finishing the makeup that they already have. They do not dispose the waste cosmetics that haven’t been used for quite some time.

Repetative Vanity Case

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4. Always “all Made-up”

Make up addicts refuse to step out of the house without putting on makeup. Wanting to always look nice and presentable is acceptable but if the face is always painted in cosmetics then it indicates an infatuation with makeup. Be it to work, the gym or even a small stroll in the neighbourhood, a makeup maniac never makes an appearance in a cosmetic free face. They never give their skin a chance to breathe fresh.

Always “all Made-up”

5. Primping Forever

The time makeup lovers take to get ready is over bearing. Their dressing and makeup sessions are everlasting and become frustrating for other people. These addicts always desire to make a perfect appearance and do not want to make the slightest of errors in their look. Even if they are looking their best, they are never satisfied. They still get paranoid and feel that something in them is not rightly done be it the shade of the lipstick, or the nail paint is too dull, or the eye liner, their makeup woes and paranoia is unending.

Primping Forever

6. The Makeup Hobby

A makeup maniac reads watches and learns about make up in their free time and this seems to become their only hobby. They are found spending most of their spare hours happily in the cosmetic aisle of a departmental store or browsing the internet and updating themselves about the latest additions in the makeup sections in the market. Their interests are streamlined and their life revolves only around lipstick, compacts, creams etc.

The Makeup Hobby

7. Space Blocker

Multiple drawers, cupboards, tables etc in the home of a makeup obsessed individual is dedicated to cosmetics. They keep their cosmetics everywhere in the house and their rooms always brim and overflow with beauty products. They block considerable space of their house in storing these products, most of which are a complete waste.

Space Blocker

8. Extravagant Addict

Make up infatuated people spend recklessly on cosmetics. They allocate a considerable part of their monthly budget to buying cosmetics. They curtail the purchase of other essential just to buy the latest, exorbitant cosmetic range that was introduced in the stores. They waste their hard earned money happily to buy wasteful, needless and unaffordable makeup. They cross their budget limit and overspend just to satisfy their makeup obsession.

Extravagant Addict