8 Safe Tattoo Removal Methods That Don’t Harm Your Skin

There are umpteen numbers of methods available for getting rid of body tattoos. And you should remember that not all methods that you try out at the salon are safe. The methods listed below are focussed on getting rid of your body tattoos without harming your skin. They should be conducted or done by a professional only because there is a high risk of causing damage to the skin. However, if implemented with safety and caution, these methods are just right for getting rid of tattoos without causing much harm

Here Are 8 Safe Tattoo Removal Methods That Don’t Harm Your Skin

1. Chemical Peel Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo has become a very common and fashionable thing with people. At times you may want to remove the tattoo you already have which may be due to a variety of reasons. One way of removing tattoos is through chemical peel. This can be done at home as well as through an expert. Chemical peel tattoo removal gives best results when done by an expert. They have the experience and would do it properly.  If done at home, it is not considered safe and if you do not do it properly you may discolor your skin and cause other kinds of skin diseases.

Chemical Peel Tattoo Removal

2. Q Switched Laser

Removing your tattoo with the help of laser technology is the new in thing. It causes minimal pain. The Q switched laser tattoo removal leaves no scar behind and burns the tattoo. This new technology takes a nanosecond to work on the tattoo. When this kind of laser is in use in a fraction of a second it emit an energy which is high in density. There are different types under the Q switched laser technology depending on the color of the tattoo. This technique does cause discomfort and it is also said that it leaves the skin with a foul smell. But in a couple of hours, all of this will be gone and your skin will be healthy and safe again.

Q Switched Laser

3. Salabrasion Tattoo Removal

The salabrasion tattoo removal technique was used before the laser technology was invented. People have been getting tattoos since the olden days. The salabrasion technique uses water and salt to remove a tattoo from the body.  The disadvantage of this removal type is that it doesn’t remove the tattoo in one go. You have to undergo many sessions for the tattoo to be removed and even then it does go deep into the skin. But no doubt this one of the easiest methods of removal which can be performed at home also. It is advisable that you find out first if it suits you or not since this technique does work well on every kind of skin.

Salabrasion Tattoo Removal

4. Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal

The dermabrasion tattoo removal should not be performed at home on your own. You must go to a licenses medical practitioner. The layers of the skin are removed using medical sand paper. They are rubbed against the tattoo till the same is removed. There is however no cause of worry as the skin will layer up again. A word of caution for this type of tattoo removal is that it cannot be used on all types of skin such as the medium and dark colored. The flip side of this technique is that scars and marks are left behind, may cause infection and discoloration of the skin.

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal

5. Excision Tattoo Removal

The excision tattoo removal involves surgery and should be performed by a medical practitioner only. The tattoo is removed using surgical tools and the operated part is stitched back with the aid of a needle which is hot. It is advisable to use the removal method on tattoos which are small in size  because if used on bigger size ones it will require many more sessions and cannot be finished in one session only. The smaller ones heal faster than the larger ones. The advantage of this tattoo removal method is that it completely removes the tattoo unlike other methods which leave a mark.

Excision Tattoo Removal

6. Cryosurgery Tattoo Removal

The Cryosurgery tattoo removal involves a surgical procedure using cold elements. It is used along with the other tattoo removal procedure called dermabrasion. Since this technique involves the use of other methods also, so when you want to get the tattoo removed by this method first of all a cold liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the tattoo and the area where the tattoo is rubbed using sand paper. The drawback of this method is that your policy with the insurance company would no cover it and even though as compared to other removal methods it is cheaper but it is still on the higher side.

Cryosurgery Tattoo Removal

7. Carbon Dioxide Co2 Laser

This technique called the Carbon dioxide Co2 Laser for tattoo removal was invented many years back. The way this method works is that the laser equipment emits a high bean of light. This works on water which is absorbed and the heat emitted causes vaporization and therefore the tattoo disappears. There are many more advanced methods that have been invented. This kind of cosmetic technology leaves a scar behind, which of course is something that no one wants. A lot of precaution and care needs to be taken when using this process of removing tattoos as it might cause harm if not implemented correctly.

Carbon Dioxide Co2 Laser

8. Erbium Nd: YAG Laser

The Erbium Nd: YAG Laser process of tattoo removal is a new invention. As we all know that laser is latest technology which people prefer to use. The advantage if using this technology is that it aids in the process of healing and infarct makes the wound heal much faster than compared to other types. Within this process, another element can be used which actually heal instantly and no time is needed for recovery. It leaves no mark or scar. But the downside is the usual one that utmost care has to be taken when performing this removal method and should be done through an experienced professional. So get in touch with an expert or dermatologist to ensure that you don’t cause any permanent damage to your skin.

Erbium Nd YAG Laser

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