8 Retro Trends That Need To Make A Comeback In Your Wardrobe

8 Retro Trends That Need To Make A Comeback In Your Wardrobe

Fashion repeats itself. This statement probably needs no proof. A trend is set and it vanishes soon only to be replaced with an older trend that is at least some decades old. We have seen, time and again, how the trends that used to make us cringe making appearances on multiple fashion walks.

We need to keep abreast of the trends that make a comeback. Once you know the trends properly and learn how to style them, you could start your own fashion blog and become an instant hit. We all know how fashion is about knowing the present trends and incorporating them into our lives with style. So, here we are going to present some of the best retro trends that are fast making a comeback on the fashion runways and should probably make a comeback in your wardrobe too.

1. Polka Dots.

You must have laughed multiple times when you had looked at your mother wearing a silly polka dots dress in her old pictures. It isn’t difficult to see how many hearts this trend had stolen back in those days and now, it seems like this trend has made a comeback to win our hearts too.

You can use polka dots in a number of ways. The rule you need to strictly follow when you plan on using this trend is to stick to smaller sizes of polka dots and avoid huge ones. It gets easier to incorporate smaller dots in your day-to-day style without standing out and it matches with your present day outfits easily. You can buy pants with tiny polka dots and you will never have to complain about not having pants that are not funky enough. Try to use polka dots on your dresses like our moms have done multiple times. Make sure to use the right amount of accessories and pair them up with a solid looking pair of boots and jacket. There are many other ways to get polka dots in your wardrobe, including scarves, nail paints etc.

2. Floral Prints.

We don’t even need to tell you how huge of a comeback this trend is making right now. For a year now, this trend has been making steady appearances on every major fashion brand’s shows and has also become a hot favorite among the celebrities.

You can use floral dresses, or floral shirts and show it to your friends how updated you are. However, to make things more interesting, buy yourself some sneakers with floral embroidery or a jacket with floral prints and up your style quotient. This is how the trend is making a major comeback anyways.

3. Metallic.

We love this trend so much we are not even sure why it went out of fashion. This trend is tailor-made for you if you want to look sleek and sexy. It can sometimes be very tricky to pull, but if you work it right, you can use this trend almost anywhere, any time of the year.

You could use metallic bands to make your plain hairstyle more interesting. You can buy sneakers that use a metallic finish and pair it with your fun and simple dress. Since it is summer, you could also try using metallic in your summer outfits like bikinis. You could buy a bikini that uses metallic rings and look like a yesteryear celebrity.

4. Denim On Denim.

While denims have never gone out of fashion, we have been constantly trying not to overdo denim for the sake of fashion. This is soon going to change. The old Denim on Denim trend is making a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited.

You can wear your cool denim jacket with your plain denim jeans. If you want to be a bit more daring, you could probably pair a denim dress with denim boots and turn heads wherever you go. You could add more denim to your simple everyday outfit by using plain, not too loud denim accessories. You could buy a denim sling bag and use it with your everyday staple denim jeans. You could even get footwear made of denim and pair them wisely with the rest of your outfit.

5. Suspenders.

Gone are the days when we could only associate a suspender with yesteryear’s male stars. The suspenders have come back and this time, they have come for the ladies too.

You can use suspenders with your everyday button downs and trousers and look extra fashionable. You can try this style at a party by using a suspender over a shirt and a nice skirt. They also look real cool when clubbed with shorts and give you a completely new avatar. If you are an expert at experimenting, then you could also use suspenders on more funky and daring options like a graphic tee shirt or some torn jeans.

6. Hats.

We never really stopped loving hats. It was just a sad case that these had to go out of fashion. We couldn’t thank the lords of the fashion enough for bringing it back.

While buying hats, always keep in mind to make sure your hat blends well with the rest of your outfit. Don’t try to get the hats from the old era just because this trend belongs to that period. We are bringing back hats with style. There are so many options available that you could always come up with the right hat for the right occasion. With the vacations coming closer, this trend might be the perfect answer to all your prayers. Be smart and choose the right ones. Never go for hats that are too loud or hats with too bright a color.

7. Fur.

Fur screams elegance and expensive like nothing else does. Celebrities never really stopped wearing this trend but we might have gotten rid of it in the past few years. It is high time we bring it back and make the right use of this trend.

You can use furs practically every where. We don’t want you to stick to fur coats and winter wear. Experiment. You could use simple elegant tops with fur necks or you could use bags made of fur to make use of this trend right. You can also get yourself a phone case made of fur. There are simply too many ways to use fur and you need to bring as many fur items as possible to your wardrobe.


8. Flare.

This is the perfect time to get the Flare back. This is the best trend making a comeback and all the major fashion brands including Zara, H&M and Forever 21 are using it.

You could use tops which have sleeves that flare in the end or simply get back the flare pants. Crop tops with sleeves that flare should be in the top of your summer outfits list.


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