8 Prominent Fashion Tips For College Girls

One of the great things about joining college after twelve years of school is that you can now embrace your inner Fashionista and flaunt your style ideas among your friends more frequently. No more uniform restriction for you from now on. But college is a confusing fashion playground where you need to hit the fashion goal, but you can’t go over the top or it will mess it up for you. Plus many Indian colleges are now very strict in terms of dress code, which makes it more difficult for you to create your fashion aura.

Here Are Some Fashion Tips For All Fashion Worshipers Who Are Joining College Soon

1. Classic Blue Jeans

It is the best option for you to keep in your wardrobe. A blue skinny jeans look great with almost anything and admires your lower half. It compliments all body types and can be worn with heel, flats or sneakers.

Classic Blue Jeans

2. Jackets

A versatile, lightweight jacket is always appropriate for a casual look. Printed, plain, or both, would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can also wear these jackets with Indian Kurtis, if are looking for a stunning fusion.


3. Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts and you are made for each other if you are a follower of comfort fashion. It goes well with skinny jeans and keeps your fashion bar up without causing nuisance. Layer a plaid shirt with a lightweight sweater in winters or wear it over a graphic tee, these shirts come handy with countless ways to style.

Plaid Shirts

4. T-shirts

T shirts are very comfy for spending long classroom hours. But you need to know which type of neck would suit you well. Like if you have a broad shoulder, then boat neck t-shirts would be a better option for you, but if you are heavy on top then go for V necks.


5. Ankle Length Skirts

It shouldn’t just be about jeans and T-shirts right! If you are more into the feminine kind of fashion, then there is nothing better than ankle length skirts as you get a broad possibility it terms of colors. It’s eye catching, comfortable and comes under dress code of any campus for sure!

Ankle Length Skirts

6. Palazzo Pants

These wide-legged flowy bottoms are going to make your hips and thighs look slimmer. Wear it with crisp white, black tops or with denim jackets to mark your fashionable presence remarkable among others. A necklace would add some more drama to the whole look.

Palazzo Pants

7. Accessories You May Require

When it comes to accessories, college girls play around with some basic things without spending tons of cash on expensive jewelries. Junk jewelries like wooden bangles, bracelets and lockets don’t cost much, but still give a lot of variety to experiment with.

Accessories You May Require

8. Bags

While selecting a bag for your college, keep an eye on a couple of things since it is not just about fashion when you are selecting your daily companion. Make sure your bag has proper space to keep all your accessories and books. Look for high quality, strong seamed durable bags to make it last longer. However, funky sling bags look really cool with skirts, tunics and ethnic wear.


Well, those are some safe options for you to rock the hell out of your college fashion! Last advice would be to keep exploring, experimenting and try creating your own style statement. And always keep sparkling with that beautiful smile of yours.

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