8 Problems That Women With Dry Skin Have To Deal With

Women With Dry Skin Have To Deal With

Glowing and radiant skin that stays plump, soft and bright in all seasons is every woman’s ultimate dream. However, the journey to getting a dream skin is very though. And it gets more tough if you have dry skin. Dry skin is the most hard hit skin type that reacts to almost everything very easily. While we hear about various ways to pamper dry skin, not much is written or said about the problems caused due to dry skin.

We Have Thus Made A List Of 8 Common Problems That Dry Skin Leads To:

1. Acne:

Yes, dry skin too is prone to severe acne much like oily and combination skin. Dry skin acne isn’t easy to deal with. This is because, dry skin needs sufficient amount of essential oils in order to become plump and supple. But the sebaceous glands in dry skin get overactivated. This results in oil production in excess. And the result is severe painful acne breakout. It isn’t even safe to use acne combating agents on dry skin. This is because, such agents work by drying the acne blisters. And this can dry the already dry skin even further.


2. Premature Ageing:

Dry skin is chapped and flaky. It remains irritated and inflamed. It develops large cracks due to peeling skin and freckles. This results in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines sooner before time. The skin around the edges of eyes and mouth develop deepest cracks that aren’t easy to get rid of.

Premature Ageing

3. Dullness And Darkening:

Dry skin produces oil in an excess amount. This oil attracts dirt particles and free radicals. Trapped dust damages the skin’s collagen. The skin loses its elasticity and the cells shrink. This makes the skin lifeless and dull. Moreover, trapped dirt particles give the skin a darker appearance.

4. Inflammation:

The deep cracks in dry skin don’t just cause wrinkles and fine lines, they also induce a lot of pain. The problem aggravates with every single change in facial expressions. The cracks soon enough start bleeding. Excessive pain inflames the skin that causes itching. This makes the skin prone to microbial infections as well.


5. Scaling:

This is an extreme weird condition caused due to skin dryness. It is a medical condition known as psoriasis. In this condition the skin becomes very tight and when stretched, the epidermal layer starts peeling in pieces and layers. Such skin looks patchy and the entire face looks grayish or red.


6. Enlarged Pores:

Dry skin is extremely blotchy. The deep cracks trap dirt and oil. And when cleansed, they leave behind empty pores that usually have a U shape. They are enlarged due to the presence of already large cracks. Dry skin pores are mainly formed under the chin and cheekbones. These pores are also the major causes that dry skin develops multiple blackheads and whiteheads on a daily basis.

7. UV Damage:

Dry skin is completely devoid of skin protecting lipids. It makes the texture coarse. Protective lipids work as natural barriers and shield the skin from UV damage by fighting against free radicals. But dry skin lacks in these lipids. Which is why, it is easily damaged due to sun induced free radicals. These free radicals toxify the skin and makes it more darker and susceptible to bacterial infections. They also intensify the process of skin ageing. And you start looking 10 years older than your real age suddenly.

UV Damage

8. Swelling:

Needless to say, excessive itching, infection, pain and blotches lead to swelling. The problem becomes unmanageable without the guidance of a doctor in winters. It causes a lot of trouble while sleeping, eating and even smiling.

The above listed 8 dry skin problems are though common, but underrated. Against the beliefs of many, dry skin is the toughest to deal with and not combination skin. If unkempt, it would take no time for dry skin to convert into chapped skin.

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