8 Pre-Bridal Hair Care Tips For Lush Thick Hair

The beauty of the bride matters the most when it comes to wedding. The bride focuses on beautifying herself and gets involved in all activities that would value add to her beauty. Many beautification processes like facials, eyebrow trimming, manicure, pedicure, waxing processes begins just before the marriage. The above list shows the focus of the bride on her skin. Skin gets so much of importance than any other thing in the body. While focusing in making the skin glow healthily during the marriage is important, equal attention need to be paid to hair grooming also. Ensure the heavy dry blowing, perming, straightening, curling and ironing that is going to be done on your hair on the day of your marriage or just before doesn’t make them look unhealthy and brittle spoiling the whole broth. The steep quantities of hair sprays and the innumerable pins used to keep every strand of your hair in place may cause the hair to look dry and artificial losing even the natural beauty leave alone the groomed one. Here are some pre bridal hair care tips for lush thick hair before marriage.

Here Are The 8 Pre-Bridal Hair Care Tips For Lush Thick Hair:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water provides good nourishment not only to the skin but also to the scalp. It enriches the hair roots hydrating the follicles to keep hair healthy. Water provides shine to the hair while cleaning the pores from inside out. Drink a minimum of 5 to 8 glasses of water not only to keep your skin healthy but also to get lush thick hair.

Drink plenty of water

2. Damage Control Is The Key

It is tough to make a damaged hair look healthy. Starting with damage control becomes crucial. Mix equal quantity of Mustard Oil and Coconut Oil and heat them in low flame. Allow them to cool and apply on the scalp in a massaging manner. Allow it to stay overnight and wash with a good quality shampoo next morning. Doing this twice a week will control the existing damage which then will make the hair healthy automatically.

Damage control is the key

3. Eliminate Toxins In The Hair

Mix 1 portion of Coconut shampoo with ½ a portion of Aloevera Shampoo and any essential oil you prefer. Mix the same well and freeze them in the ice tray till they get solidified. Every time you need to use a shampoo to clean your hair, just take out a piece of ice cube from the tray, allow it to defreeze and use. This is a natural no chemical way that would effectively eliminate the toxins present in the hair blocking its growth.

Eliminate toxins in the hair

4. Mask Your Hair

Prepare a mask by mixing two teaspoons of Olive oil with half a tea spoon of honey and one egg white. Whisk all the three in a bowl till they blend well with each other. Apply the mixture evenly across the hair with your finger and mildly massage. Then tie the hair in a clean warm towel. Allow it to dry for an hour and the clean the hair with any herbal shampoo. This mask pampers the hair giving it the vitality and shiny look.

Mask your hair

5. Changes Can Be Risky

Do not venture out to do anything new with your hair just before the marriage. Avoid going in for any new type of hair cut or coloring you have never tried before since this may mean taking a huge risk. Even the slightest of infection to the scalp with spoil the complete effort and may result in excess hair fall spoiling the beauty and healthy of the hair.

Changes can be risky

6. Nutrition In Nuts, Fruits & Veggies

Fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts are invaluable boon to skin and hair health. Ensure you consume these as frequently as possible. Fresh vegetables and fruits render so much of goodness to your skin as well as hair that your hair will look healthy and glowing without much of your effort.

Nutrition in nuts, fruits & Veggies

7. Exposure To Sun

Not only your skin but your hair also tends to lose its glow and shine when exposed to direct sunlight. So avoid exposing your hair in direct sunlight. Wear a cap or scarf that would protect your hair from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Stay in shade as far as possible so your hair breathes normally in a healthy manner.

Exposure to sun

8. Mind Matters

Mind plays a significant role not only in the overall health but specifically your hair’s health. A healthy happy mind helps lush hair growth as well as good maintenance of hair in an automatic manner. Avoid any sort of tensions and keep calm always. Enjoy every moment that passes taking your nearer to your D-Day.

Mind matters

Marriage is the life changing moment for every individual. Make it memorable by looking and giving your best. Try the above mentioned tips and adorn this precious moment of your life.

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