8 Popular Ponytail Hairstyles For Girls

Girls of the modernized world are too much conscious of their look which seems to be incomplete without best makeup, fashionable dress and attractive hairstyle which suits to their personality. For them, hairstyle is a sign of beauty without which they can’t look beautiful and charming like other girls. The craze of ponytail hairdo is seen more among them in last few years because ponytail hairstyles always looks gorgeous for all types of functions including prom nights and formal occasions. If you too want to look gorgeous everywhere then the following 8 ponytail hairstyles will definitely help you attain your desirable look with ease and comfort.

Here Are The 8 Popular Ponytail Hairstyles For Girls:

1. Bubble Pony Hairdo

This is a wonderful pony hairdo for girls that delivers classic look to them when they prefer it with prom dresses or other party wears. You can attain this hairdo by pulling your hair up at the crown of your head followed by securing your hairs using an elastic band. Now with the help of clear elastic make section of your hair and make ponytail by creating a bubble effect in your hair with regular pulling of your pony.

Bubble pony hairdo

2. Poufed Three Part Pony Hairdo

This is also a fantastic hairstyle for all sorts of celebrating functions. You can attain this hairdo by making ponytail of top half portion of your hair and securing it with a headband and then gathering mid section of your hair to create a pony in between your neck and crown. After making pony of different sections wrap them with a sliver so as to make them polished having attractive touf effect.

Poufed Three Part Pony hairdo

3. Sky High Pony Hairdo

This is a classical extra long pony hairdo which you can easily attain by first brushing up your hair straight and then making a tight pony followed by wrapping small section of your pony around the base and giving it a finishing with a securing pin.

Sky High Pony hairdo

4. Sleek And Low Hairdo

This is a perfect hairstyle for girls with round face shape which your can attain by giving direction to your hair with a boar brush followed by applying a branded hair smoothening gel to the base of your pony. After this, give final finishing to your hairdo by using an elastic band wrap sliver of your hair under your pony so as to make your hairstyle flawless and charming.

Sleek and Low hairdo

5. Relaxed And Really Low Pony Hairdo

This hairstyle is a perfect hairdo for those girls who are blessed with naturally wavy hair. You can easily achieve this hairstyle by tying your hairs to the base of your nock by using an elastic band followed by applying a hair smoothening cream to the long pony of your hair so as to give glamorous touch to your natural wavy hair.

Relaxed and Really Low Pony hairdo

6. One Polished Ponytail Hairdo

This is another sleek hairdo for girls which looks great on girls having wavy or straight hair. If you’re having straight or wavy hair then you can easily attain this hairdo by making your hair flat straight using a flat iron and then tie your semi loose ponytail using a ribbon which is made by gentle sweeping of your hair. Securing of your pony’s with a ribbon should be done in a professional way so that your hair falls over both of your ears comfortably.

One Polished Ponytail hairdo

7. The New Wave Hairdo

This is a trendy texturing pony hairstyle for girl that is easily achievable by making a low pony with back brushing and then making loose waves by wrapping sections of your hair around the barrel. You can give a bleach look to your hairstyle by hitting your pony with some salt spray.

The New Wave hairdo

8. Retro Down Do Hairstyle

This cools pony hairstyle for girls can be easily achieved by creation of a side part in the beginning of your left eyebrow after making your hair smooth with dryer and cream. When your side part is created, you must tease your hair by using a comb and finally secure your pony with an elastic band at yours neck nape.

Retro Down Do hairstyle

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