8 New Ways To Wing Your Eyeliner

There is little doubt that eye liner is one of the most important, in not the most important parts of our makeup routine. Whatever the occasion, a simple eye liner can make a world of difference in our appearance. Now, women all over the world are being extremely creative with the winging part of the eyeliner. It is all the rage right now to find a new shape or form that has never been done before. The possibilities of course are endless when it comes to the shape of the wing. Let’s look at some of the newer ways of winging your eyeliner that is all the trend now.

Here Are The 8 New Ways To Wing Your Eyeliner:

1. The Semi Outlined Eye Liner

This is a simplistic way of accentuating your eyes. When you have this part down without your hands faltering then you can progress to the next level and use tiny little dots over the wing part to create a magical and mesmerizing look. Get creative and for best results use gel liner for minimum smudges.

The semi outlined eye liner

2. The Ultimate Curve Ball

Enhancing your eyes through this flamboyant winged eyeliner will take a little guts for sure, but don’t worry, once you master the art of properly drawing curves with your eye liner gel, you will also learn to carry it with the same confidence and attitude.

The ultimate curve ball

3. Lash Rich And Liner Rich

This is just the basic idea. You can use any shape of your liking depending on what the occasion is and then exaggerate to get this sort of dramatic but elegant look. Use an extra set of eye lashes to add to the oomph factor in this look.

Lash rich and liner rich

4. Smokey Eyes With A Colourful Twist

Smoke eyes are by far the classiest form of makeup out there. The very look of a dark smokey gives you that extra confidence you were looking for. You can walk in style and feel like you are ruling over the world. Add to that the purple eye liner and this look is perfect.

Smokey eyes with a colourful twist

5. Contrast In The Picture

The following is a complete ‘out there’ eye liner look. The blue eyes coupled with the same blue eye liner. And then add some really long eye lashes in with a heavy mascara work. If there is a really special event that you want to attend, then this is the look to go for. Classy and yet creative.

Contrast in the picture

6. Wings In The Winged Eye

So why not add an actual wing in the winged part of the eye liner, right? This looks every bit creative as it is elegant. The design is minimalistic so you don’t need to go overboard with clip art part. This is a perfect look for fancy night out.

Wings in the winged eye

7. Art Inside The Eye Liner

So again, this is just an outline idea. You can use your own creative juices and draw tons of other artistic lines in there. Use different colors or even better, match the color with your outfit. This look has the potential to be really great.

Art inside the eye liner

8. Sparkle All The Way

And finally, the most dramatic of them all, the sparkle look. Pick a naturally flowing curvy design for the winged part and then add as much sparkle as you’d like to your eye. Definitely transforms the entire feel of your makeup.

Sparkle all the way

The above mentioned eyeliner techniques can be achieved with the regular practice under the guidance.

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