8 Nail Art Ideas For Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails

Coffin nail shape brings the storming effect in the fashion world through Instagram by Kylie Jenner. It’s called coffin nails because of its shape. It’s a brand new shape of the nails which is quite cool as well as sophisticated. Coffin nails are thin and long nails. This nail shape looks extremely astonishing with colours and art. You just need to be more artistic and creative. Your imagination will rock the world through your coffin nails.

Let’s Have A Look At This Article For A Few Rocking Nail Art Ideas.

1. Gold Glitter In Natural Colour

If you are trying something new try nude base with glittery effect. It will be your own fresh nail design. Apply a natural colour on your nails and then design two nails with glitter and others with dots of glitter. You are ready for the nude glitter nail blast. It always looks lovely with glitter on a black backdrop. You can wear it anywhere. It looks great with coffin nails.

Gold Glitter In Natural Colour

2. Sparkly Stones On Matte Nails

Matte colours on nails are just cool. It looks sophisticated and stylish. When you are styling with coffin nails just put some stones on your matte colour. Set these stones with style on alternate fingers. Paste stones change your nails look instantly. These stones are beautiful, gorgeous and stunning with matte backdrop. You can try it for once to see the result. You can design your nails with these stones. So, charge your imagination for being creative.

Sparkly Stones On Matte Nails

3. Gold Glitter Effect

When you want to do something with your nails it must be something extraordinary may be like gorgeous sparkling. Well, apply a clear glossy neutral colour on your coffin nails. Then apply gold glitter on your nails end with a sponge. This way you will able to add some ombre effect on coffin shape nails. Just perfect for parties or rocking night out. It’s our suggestion you can try it differently with gold sparkle. Start imagining.

Gold Glitter Effect

4. Gold Stunt On Black Nails

The combination of black and gold is bold and ravishing like hell. Isn’t it? Coffin nails look lovely with matte colours. Hence, apply matte black nail colour on your nails and then design with gold stones, but with alternating fingers to make it more gorgeous. You can also design your nails with black shade before applying gold effect. Your nails will be just perfect for any occasion. Your nail design will rock the fashion concept of others.

Gold Stunt On Black Nails

5. Burgundy Long Nails

If you are fascinated with long nails then try it with burgundy nail colour. It will make your nails more attractive and sophisticated.In fact, burgundy nails really look beautiful. It has its own charm. You can try some design on it. But your long fascinating burgundy nails will rock the fashion world. If you want to add something then tries golden paste stones on it. Otherwise, you can also try some design with the same colour. But make designs on alternating finger nails to make the nails more amazing.

Burgundy Long Nails

6. Black And Lace Innovation On Nails

Have you ever imagined black colour with lace design on nails? Well, try this new concept. You will feel great with this amazing designer nails. Apply matte black colour on nails. Now use a designer plastic shape on two nails and apply the nail polish to design it. Remove the designer shape and you got your designer nail colour. Isn’t it easy and simple? Well, this way your nails will look different from others and great. These designer shapes are available in shops you can also design it at home with a little bit of imagination and effort.

 Black And Lace Innovation On Nails

7. Red With Silver Sparkling

Red is hot and beautiful. It’s just striking when you are applying it on nails. If you are going for a date then red is the colour of your coffin nails. Add some silver sparkling at the end of the nails with a sponge to get a stunning effect on nails. You can also try mixing up silver and gold glitters on red hot nails. Silver glitter with red matte nail colour will absolutely change your fashion sense and style statement.

Red With Silver Sparkling

8. Black And Rainbow Stunt On Nails

If you want to make jealous to your rival beauties at the party then this nail style is meant for you. Apply a black colour on your coffin nails. Then try to design it with rainbow colours and for finishing your design apply a neutral glitter effect on nails. It will look attractive and striking at night.

Black And Rainbow Stunt On Nails

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