8 Must Follow Ways To Get Soft And Silky Hair

Ways To Get Soft And Silky Hair

Soft and silky hair enhances the feminine beauty and every woman craves for such amazing locks and strives to achieve lovely cascading locks. A luxurious growth of soft, shiny and silky hair is much a gift of the gene. It is hard to maintain such coveted hair as it is hard to achieve one. However, there is a silver lining amidst the darkest of clouds and it is a fact that getting soft and silky hair is not an impossible dream that would never materialize.

Here Are Eight Ways Which You Must Follow With Religious Regularity To Have Soft And Silky Hair:

1. Eat Healthily:

You need to eat nutritious food to enhance the quality of your hair. Nutritious food would include a whole gamut of fruits and nuts, leafy green vegetables and sprouts, milk, fish and eggs. A nutritious diet checks fall of hair and promotes hair growth. A healthy diet would cleanse your blood and more of the purified blood reaching your hair follicles will prevent dry hair and control hair loss.

Eat Healthily

2. Use Correct Hair Care Products:

You must use the right shampoos and the right oils that are not too harsh on your hair and that don’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Shampoos with alcohol content should be strictly avoided as alcohol removes the natural oil from hair. You may use coconut oil or a moisturizing shampoo that retains moisture at the hair roots.

Use Correct Hair Care Products:

3. A Massage With Oil:

Massaging your hair with a good moisture retaining oil would rejuvenate your hair health making it soft and silky. Massaging triggers the action of the natural oils in scalp turning your locks shiny.  Before massaging, the oil needs mild heating.

A Massage With Oil

4. Comb Your Hair The Correct Way:

Applying light pressure on the scalp while combing will improve the blood flow. This improves hair growth and turns it silky. Never comb wet hair but wait until it dries up.

Comb Your Hair The Correct Way

5. Cold Water Treatment:

Wash your hair with cold water as it helps retain the moisture giving it a silky look.

Cold Water Treatment

6. Conditioning Your Hair:

Keep your hair moist and condition it with moisturizing products like serum if you like to have silky hair.

Conditioning Your Hair

7. Application Of Honey:

Apply a mix containing one teaspoon of honey and four cups of lukewarm water to your hair and rinse thoroughly to get glossy hair.

 Application Of Honey

8. Trimming The Hair:

To improve the length, quality and strength of your hair you need to trim it at a gap of every 4 to 5 months to enable a uniform hair growth.

Trimming The Hair

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