8 Monsoon Tips For Women At Work

Monsoon means the waterlogged streets with puddles all over. The soggy clothes are the worst thing during this time. But this year ditch the monsoon trouble and look spectacular at your workplace.

Following Are The 8 Monsoon Tips For Women At Work:

1. Dump The Dull Colors

Monsoon comes with a freedom to wear bright colors like red, yellow,blue and pink. But certainly avoid the white color this season because its really not a good idea to walk in white trousers in those muddy roads. Isn’t it?

Dump the dull colors

2. Say No To Trousers

If you don’t want to look shabby at your workplace definitely say a big no to trousers this season. Invest on a good stock of formal skirts or alter your your trousers if your workplace allows it.

Say no to trousers

3. Jackets And Coats

Why not invest on a trendy jacket or a coat this rainy season? Embrace yourself for the windy evenings with some formal coat or a light jacket.

Jackets and coats

4. Be The Ethnic Diva

If you want to go all traditional then don’t go for salwar and patialas instead of that pick up a trendy short Kurtis with a churidar. But avoid the Kurtis which bleed color after getting wet. That will be a major turn off at your workplace.

Be the Ethnic Diva

5. Ditch The Leather, Go For Rubber

Don’t splash on the puddle wearing a leather footwear, it will soak the water and will take time to dry. Instead pick up a sturdy footwear which is slip resistant.

Ditch the leather, go for rubber

6. Have Fun With Your Hair

The moist weather tends to make the hair frizzy. Leaving your hair open in this weather is not a good option instead pull your hair into a tight bun, ponytail or tie a braid.

Have fun with your hair

7. Makeup

Try to use minimal makeup in this weather as it all gets smudged with water. For eyes use water resistant kajal or eyeliner and apply some foundation if necessary.


8. Keep Aside The Denims

In this wet weather don’t try to wear denims as it will no be a good ides after all as it takes time to dry.

Keep aside the denims

9. Matching Umbrellas

Umbrellas can be matched with the outfit to form a uniformity in the clothing. Grab a funky umbrella and enjoy the rain.

Matching Umbrellas

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