8 Medium Bob Hairstyles

8 Medium Bob Hairstyles


Bob haircuts are very good choice for women who want short hair with a modern look. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and carry. It needs very less time to comb, wash and care for bob hair. Bob haircuts are of different lengths. Some women like to have long bob hairstyle while some like a short bob. If you don’t want any of these styles, you can try getting a haircut of a middle-level length. Medium bob hairstyles are nice and there are many types of styles possible in such hair. It gives a classic and classy touch to the hair. Explore the different medium bobs and choose the one you like. We will suggest some easy hairstyles for you. Following are the 8 Medium bob hairstyles.

1. Classic Medium Length Bob

Classic Medium Length Bob hairstyle helps in looking classy and elegant. Get a chin level bob haircut with layers cut deep on the hair. It is suitable for blonde hair. You can also color the hair with a copper hair color. For styling purpose, apply anti-gravity spray on hair. Lift the hair from its base or bottom part by using a hair dryer. Make the hair ends smooth. Divide the hair into several sections and curl it with a hair curler. Do not curl the hair ends. Keep the ends uncurled and straight. Lastly, apply hair spray on the hair. Open the curls with fingers to tousle it.


Classic Medium Length Bob


2. Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut hairstyle looks very nice with a bob look. To get this hairstyle, get a medium level choppy bob haircut with the hair reaching up to the level of the neck in the upper part or the nape. Cut chopped flicks in the hair. For styling, tousle the hair to give a messy and scattered hair touch. Cut the hair in the front at angles instead of straight. The hairstyle is easy to style.


Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut


3. Medium Bob With Short Curls

Get Medium Bob With Short Curls hairstyle of Karlie Kloss. For this, cut the hair in a medium bob up to the level of the ear or nape. Cut some hair at the front in side-swept bangs. Make short bangs and turn the bangs towards the side. Curl some bangs with a hair curler.


Medium Bob With Short Curls


4. Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood Waves hairstyle is copied from the Hollywood stars of the olden times. For this style, wash the hair and make it completely dry. After that, use a thermal protectant on your hair. Divide hair into several sections and curl it with the help of a hair curler. Do the curling for the entire hair in a similar way in one direction. Secure the curls up on the head with hairpins. Open the pins and make waves in the hair. For this, spread the curls by passing a brush through the hair. Tease the waves in an upward direction. Lastly, apply finishing spray on the hair.


Old Hollywood Waves


5. A-Line Bob Haircut

A-Line Bob Haircut is suitable for women who have thin hair. It is a unique look that requires measuring to some extent. Get a bob haircut. Cut the hair in an asymmetrical manner in such a way that the cut is short in either left or right side and long on the opposite side. Thus, instead of a straight cut, the bob will have an asymmetric cut. The hairstyle is beautiful and gorgeous.


A-Line Bob Haircut


6. Medium Bob With Cropped Bangs

Medium Bob With Cropped Bangs hairstyle of Rose Byrne looks very sophisticated. Cut the hair in a medium length bob up to the nape or upper neck level. Make cropped bangs. Make the ends or edges of the hair round in shape by using a hair dryer having a round brush. Shape the ends round for this look.


Medium Bob With Cropped Bangs


7. Ripple Bob

Ripple Bob is a nice look for those who want a medium length hairstyle. It has waves that look like ripples. For this, cut the hair in a medium-length bob style reaching the nape or upper neck level. Make a side parting in the hair. Tuck the hair on shorter hair side behind the ear for an unequal or asymmetric look. For styling, use a thermal protectant on the hair. Make waves in the hair by using a flat iron. Divide hair into several parts. Insert hair into the iron, and rotate it towards the top and then bottom part. Apply a texturizing spray followed by a finishing spray.


Ripple Bob


8. Layered Bob With Highlights

Layered Bob With Highlights is a suitable hairstyle if you want a medium length short haircut. For this look, get a layered bob haircut. Cut the hair at the front side at an angle instead of a straight cut. The bob should be of the chin level. Let the layers frame the face all around. Since it is an attractive hairstyle, it is very popular among women.


Layered Bob With Highlights



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