8 Makeup Essentials For A College Diva



Looking attractive and gorgeous is something all the college girls want. However, when in college, it is really important not to go over the top when it comes to makeup. College girls are always confused on how to glam up for everyday without overdoing it. To make their lives easier, here are the 7 makeup essentials you must have. Moreover, when you are beautiful from inside, you will look beautiful outside. So, be happy, cheerful and bubbly. Nothing can match that natural smile and glow.

Here Are The Makeup Essentials You Must Not Forget Before Leaving For College:

1. Lip Balm Or Gloss:

It is one of the most essential stuff to keep in your bag. A lip gloss or lip balm not only helps in keeping lips moist, but adds an instant pop. So, be it looking gorgeous in a classroom or clicking selfies at the college canteen, make sure to keep your lips ready for a killer smile.


2. Sunblock Lotion:

College life is much more than classrooms and labs. You will have to face the sun, be it winters or summer. So, it is really important to save your face from the harsh UV rays which can tan your skin. Buy a good sunscreen lotion with SPF 40. If you apply BB cream or foundation on your face, make sure to keep a sun block lotion which is non greasy.


3. BB Cream:

BB Creams are the new foundations for everyday use. So, if you are in college and you want that flawless skin tone everyday, you should apply BB cream on your face.


4. Concealer:

During college, many girls experience dark circles around eyes, pimple marks, redness, skin rash, scars and uneven skin tone, to save the beautiful face from such things, a concealer is the perfect solution. Use it before applying foundation or BB cream. Make sure to blend the concealer well on the effected area.


5. Compact Powder:

To brush up your face, you should use a compact powder. If your skin is too oily, and you need to balance the greasy look, this is the best technique. Within minutes, your skin will look flawless. For an even look, use a brush to apply the compact powder.


6. Makeup Brushes:

Keep your makeup brushes handy in your bag. If you have a huge collection of brushes and you are not sure on which one to keep in the college bag, pick at least two, one for the compact powder and the other to merge the concealer.


7. Kohl Or Eyeliner:

For a diva look throughout the day, you will need your eye candies to touch up the look. Your eyeliner or kohl should always be there in your bag, because no matter how pretty you look, if your eye make up is smudged, you will look tired and less attractive. For a instant freshness and glam, you should keep your eyes bright and wide open.


8. Mascara:

A mascara not only adds volume to your eye lashes but makes your eyes look wide and awake. So, even if you are tired by the time your classes are over, a mascara will help you look fresh and beautiful.


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