8 Lesser Known Causes Of Acne Breakout

Lesser Known Causes Of Acne Breakout

There are causes responsible for acne breakout on your face which you have hardly imagined. Nevertheless, these lesser known causes of acne could trouble you as much as the commonly known causes. Let us explore eight such lesser known causes of acne that are going unnoticed and yet giving you an unpleasant facial texture and tone.

Here Are The 8 Lesser Known Causes Of Acne Breakout:

1. Use Of Cell Phones:

Your cell phone and androids are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria as this traps all the dirt in its vicinity. The cell phone’s proximity to your mouth makes them open to a spray of saliva while you carry on a conversation that traps dust and encourages bacterial growth. This garbage on the cell phone comes in contact with the tender skin of your face causing infection and acne.

Use of cell phones

2. Yoga Mats:

When going to karate or yoga classes it is safe to carry your own mats. If you are using a common mat used by other people, there is a big chance of inviting infections already present in their bodies ultimately causing you acne. Besides, you never know which part of their body was in contact with the mattress where your face is in now. Maybe it was their dirty feet.

Yoga mats

3. Touching Your Face Quite Often:

Frequently touching your face with your hand may cause acne because it can breakout anywhere on your skin due to extended and repeated pressure induced by a simple touch. If you are in the habit of supporting your chin on your hands, it may also cause acne.

Touching your face quite often

4. Anti Aging Creams:

Most of the anti aging creams contain retinol which triggers cell replacement and cause acne. Certain anti aging creams loaded with oils cause an outbreak of acne as well.

Anti aging creams

5. Over Exposure To Sun:

Sun rays not only cause sunburns but are often responsible for sudden acne breakouts. People who need to move a lot under the sun should be extra cautious. Sunrays aggravate the secretion of oils which clogs the skin pores causing this disorder. Take enough protection while stepping outdoors in the daytime.

Over exposure to sun

6. Helmet Chin Straps:

Biker’s chin straps, when rubbed against the rider’s chin, may cause acne as these straps are exposed to sweat which is a perfect ecosystem for bacterial growth.

Helmet chin straps

7. Application Of Hair Gel:

Excess application of hair gel also causes acne flare ups known as pomade acne. Hair gels have oil bases that get absorbed through our skin inviting acne causing bacteria to breed in our skin pores.

Application of hair gel

8. Extensive Traveling:

Extensive traveling exposes you to atmospheric pollution and changed climatic conditions. Change in salinity of the water while on travel may also react with your skin causing acne. Besides continuous movement in overcrowded transport in summer days causes more sweating that traps dirt giving rise to acne breakouts.

Extensive traveling

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