8 Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Secrets That Can Transform Your Looks

Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Secrets That Can Transform Your Looks

If you wonder how celebrities manage to have such glossy skin and perfect figure all round the year, and pile it up on makeup artists and photoshop, you’re wrong. They have such impeccable skin and figure that has a contagious charm, because their beauty and health regimen is much diverse and varied than ours. And if you have given up all your hopes of having a similar celebrity like glow, we have come to your rescue. This time, we have managed to have a peek right through Katrina Kaif’s beauty regimen. And we have compiled those secret hacks in a list exclusively for you. Go through the list and follow the hacks to flaunt the skin and body that all will be envious of.

1. She Consumes Acai Berry Based Products:

When it comes to what to eat and what not, Katrina is quite choosy. Other than most obvious stuffs, like munching on boiled oats and vegetables and counting on water and green tea for system detoxification, she consumes acai berries without a miss. Whether raw or in form of supplements, acai berries keep the skin wrinkle free, soft, fairer and spotless. [1]

Acai Berry Based Products

2. She Works Out Properly:

Which means, nor she under exercises, neither does she over exerts. She counts on her long time trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala, to keep her body healthy, and certainly in shape. Her beauty boosting and figure flaunting exercise is a blend of yoga, cardio, planks and pilates. And that’s how she maintains her hourglass figure without any bit of extra fat. [2]

She Works Out Properly

3. She Uses Shu Uemura Makeup Cleansing Oil:

Ever been jealous of the pinky skin Korean women flaunt? Don’t be anymore. Use this same cleanser that Katrina Kaif has been sticking to, when it comes to wiping off all the makeup she wears on a daily basis. This raw milk based enriching makeup remover fight wrinkles as well. Additionally, she religiously use prairie cream at night after cleaning her all day makeup with Shu Uemura makeup cleansing oil. She is also a hard core fan of a mineral infused mud face mask range by Anne sermon. [3]

 Uemura Makeup Cleansing Oil

4. She Uses Lancome Facial Cleanser:

Wiping makeup off isn’t just what Kat does before getting started with her night care products. She further washes her face with Lancome facial cleanser, rich in moisturizing raw milk and butter to ensure her skin stays super moist and supple. She also openly admits to be using mene and moywhich brand, salicylic acid based face wash to keep bay from acne. [4]

Lancome Facial Cleanser

5. She Prefers Wearing Both Sunblock And Sunscreen:

For a number of lights she has to work in and the time she has to keep her skin exposed under sun while shooting, she sticks to wearing sunblock as well as sunscreen. This is because sunscreen makes a skin guarding layer against UVA damaging rays, and sunblock make a skin guarding remedy against UVB damaging rays. [5]

Sunblock And Sunscreen

6. She Focuses On Massages:

Relying on a trained masseuse for proper body relaxation is yet another beauty secret she sticks to. This keeps her body refreshed and younger by keeping her circulation stronger. Also, it keeps her active by relaxing her tense and stiff muscles. [6]


7. She Prefers Oiling Weekly:

It isn’t just keratin treatments that keep her hair strong, fragrant and glossy despite she works under sun, pollution and sweats a lot, she also oils her hair religiously at least once in every 6 to 7 days. Plus, she keeps her Faith in natural proteins that leaves her hair thicker. [7]

Oiling Weekly

8. She Uses Bee Venom Serum:

Katrina Kaif has a dream skin and radiance that it’s unreal to trust in her age. Other than simply pampering her skin and wearing different shades of pink, she loves using Bee Venom Serum that is an ultimate aging rescue. She loves adding extra shot of collagen to her skin that this serum is loaded with to keep her skin flawless, young and nonpatchy. [8]

 Bee Venom Serum

Now that you know how Katrina Kaif manages to keep herself so desirable without having any signs of aging showing up on her skin, you too can get that desirable look with these little efforts.

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