8 Hot Dyed Hair Ideas

Dyed hair one of the most colorful and creative ideas out there. Quite literally, too. The options are endless and colors, countless. If you are looking to make a statement without too many words, then dyed hair is definitely the way to do that. With tons of styles and colors available in the market today, the limit is only your creativity. While hair coloring or dyeing was quite basic back in the day, modern salon experts and beauticians have come up with many different ways of getting that perfectly hued hair dye. With celebrities going the experimental way and the internet being full of new and creative ideas, there are tons of ideas to perfect the hair dye look.

The Following Are Some Of Them:

1. Split Hair

As the name suggest, with this type of hair dyeing, the hair is neatly parted in the middle and each side is dyed with a different shade. This may seem like way too experimental in the beginning but it grows on you and it can actually end up looking quite classy if the right shades have been used. This works best for middle parting and may not look so great with a side part. Also important is to go for subtler shades than more solid ones.

Split Hair

2. Aqua Shades

So this is a very ocean-y kind of look. All you have to do is put together at least three to four shades of blue that go well together and dye them from the top to the bottom in a dark to light shade range. It is a classy look and blue hair has always managed to be in fashion. The good thing about this look is that it has a wide range of suitability. It can look classy as well as hipster-y at the same time.

 Aqua Shades

3. Rainbow

The colors of rainbow are the most versatile ones. It may seem like it’ll take some courage to sport so many different colors on your head but once you get there are so many different things you can do with it that you will love it.


4. Emo With A Twist

While a lot of people relate the ‘emo style’ with a lot of darker shades, the style can be easily sported even without the blacks and browns. Grey color is equally emo and gloomy if that’s what you are looking for. It looks even better with black clothing as the slightly bright hair color brings enhances the emo look further.


5. Fuchsia And Blue

Fuchsia is a classic color as far as hair dyeing is concerned. It was probably one of the first shades to be experimented with when hair dyeing first came to the fore. And it makes up for a great combo when paired with a really vivid shade of blue. This style works best when the hair near the scalp is dyed a dark blue and the bottom tresses are in the shade of fuchsia. This can be a great style for standing out in a crowd.


6. The Subtle Look

There is nothing as powerful as subtlety. And even hair dyeing is not excluded from this idea. The subtler the colors of your tresses, the more powerful your style is. The good thing about this hair dyeing idea is that any subtler shade of any color can be used to imitate it. The best colors for this are the red and blue shades. It looks very classy even in formal events where you won’t find a lot of people with their hair dyed.


7. Purple Head

Even with all these ideas, one of the best things to do while dyeing your hair is to go with a single color. The risk factor is low in this idea and you can end up looking quite classy with a single shaded hair dye. The red heads aren’t the only kind when you can easily become a purple head. Or any color for that matter. Pick a favorite color and get all of your hair dyed with it. It will not only look awesome but also give you a sense of color in your life.

 Purple Head

8. Candy Pink

So this one works especially well with blonde hair. The candy pink shade is extremely vivid and bright so it is safe to use it with caution. Getting these pink shaded highlights will enhance the look of your hair. It will give it extra volume and highlight the styling of your hair.


The above mentioned dyed hair are the latest trend which most of the fashion freak are following these days. Try them out, if you also one of them!

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