8 Hairstyles For Special Occasions


Young girls and women have to attend many parties and social functions at special occasions like prom, weekend parties, engagements, and weddings. The looks and hairstyle pay an important role in dressing up for these parties. While we can have any hairstyle for daily wear and casual functions, exotic and special hairstyles are needed for looking the best on the special functions organized by family and friends. Thus, you must choose a special hairstyle and not just a simple pony or bun. We will suggest some hairstyles for special occasions of your life. Following are the 8 hairstyles for special occasions.

Here Are The 8 Hairstyles For Special Occasions:

1. Single Plait Or Braid Hairstyle

A Single Plait Or Braid Hairstyle gives a simple, elegant and traditional look for special occasions. If you have long and straight hair, make a thick plait or braid and tie its end with a rubber band. Decorate the braid with flowers. You can also use colored and beautiful hair accessories to decorate the braid.



2. Braided Crown Wedding Hairstyle

Braided Crown Wedding hairstyle is very good for special occasions like weddings. Get a layered haircut. Make a big sized braid near the crown area. It will help in giving a fun and feminine look for weddings and other special parties when the usual formal hairstyles look outdated and old.



3. Curled Side Updo Hairstyle

Curled Side Updo hairstyle involves making a side bun on curled hair. For this, make a side parting in the hair and tie it into a ponytail at the backside. Curl the hair in the pony by using a hair curler. Divide the curled hair into several long sections. Hold each section, roll up and join all sections to make a side bun. Use pins for holding the bun together.



4. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid is an excellent hairstyle for special occasion and parties. For getting this look, make a fishtail braid on the hair. Make a thick braid. Turn the braid to one side of the hair either left or right side. It will help in giving a chic and trendy look to the hair.



5. Special Occasion Beach Waves Hairstyle

If you have short hair up to the level of the shoulder, you can choose the Special Occasion Beach Waves hairstyle. For getting this look, you should make waterfall braid with two braids combined into a single part near the crown area. Curl the hair for more volume. This is a formal hairstyle for those special occasions when you need to look your best.



6. Puffed Bun Hairdo

A puffed Bun hairdo is a suitable hairstyle for special functions and parties. For this, make a puffed up bun high on the head at the top. Puff up the bun for adding more volume and style to it. The hairstyle looks very elegant, glamorous and stylish.



7. Messy Curly Bob With A Braid

Messy Curly Bob with a Braid looks very nice for parties and special occasions. Get a medium length bob haircut for this hairstyle. Use a hair curler to curl the hair. Spread the curls with fingers to make waves in the hair. Make asymmetric braid at left or right side of the hair, take it towards the back and secure with hairpin. It gives an unkempt and trendy look with imperfect waves.



8. Plaited Headband Updo

Plaited Headband Updo is a beautiful hairstyle made with braid used as a headband. For getting this hairstyle, make a center parting in the hair. Take all hair towards one side. Divide the hair into three equal parts and make a thick braid on the side. Take the braid to the other side on top of the head like a headband. Pin up the braid on the other side to secure it. Leave some hair loose and flowing in the front.