8 Golden Rules To Get Glossy Hair

Golden Rules To Get Glossy Hair

Which woman would not like to show off her beautiful tresses? Who wouldn’t liketo be called Rapunzel? But, beautiful glossy hair is not easy to have. It requires a lot of efforts and taking care to have glossy hair. Some women are blessed with it while some have to work hard for it. Remember there are no short cuts. If you follow a few golden rules than glossy hair is yours to take.

Here Are The 8 Golden Rules To Get Glossy Hair:

Shampoo Frequently

As supposed to the myth that one must not shampoo their hair every day, it has been proved that washing the hair daily with the right kind of shampoo and cleanser helps keep the hair glossy. This also helps in cleansing and keeping the skin hydrated. Apart from this, use of a good conditioner is also a must. You can also try using dry shampoo.

Shampoo Substitute

Eat Right

This is extremely important. For the hair to look healthy, it should get enough nutrients. Just external care without intake of nutrients will not help the hair. The diet should be enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Make sure the diet includes good amount of protein rich food, salads and fresh fruits. Avoid sugars and more fatty food.

Eating Right


Oiling the hair is necessary but care should be taken to see that the hair doesn’t remain greasy for a long time as this attracts dust and results in hair fall. It also blocks the hair follicles and leads to dandruff. A warm oil massage and a wash after an hour is the ideal way to oil the hair and get glossy hair.

Hot Oil Massage

Cold Water Rinse

It is preferred to wash the hair with cold water. But, if the climate is too cold for a cold water bath than warm water should be used. But, always make sure that the last rinse is always with cold water. This helps in blood circulation and keeps the pores closed and finally keeping the hair glossy.

Cold water treatment

Deep Conditioning

Once in a while the hair needs to be given deep conditioning treatment. This helps reduce hair fall and also keeps the hair glossy. This can either be done at home by self or by an expert at a beauty clinic or spa.

Conditioning your hair

Apply Leave In Conditioners

Using leave in conditioners though not recommended on a long run, can be used for some time. When a person is travelling or has a long day at work, leave in conditioners can be used. This instantly pumps up the volume of the hair apart from making it look glossy. Remember to always towel dry the hair before applying conditioners.

Right Application Of The Conditioner - Copy

Proper Drying

Always towel dry the hair and let it dry naturally. Avoid using hair dryers unless and until it is a must. When using hair dryer, always keep it at some distance from the hair. Excess use of hair dryer makes the hair loose its shine and make it look dry and brittle.

Drying your hair

Avoid Hair Styling Products

The best is to avoid hair styling products. But, if you have to use them keep it at the minimum. The damage caused to the hair will be drastically reduced thereby making it healthy and glossy.

Say ‘no’ to styling products

Now that you know what has to be done go ahead follow these golden rules and glossy hair is yours forever, just flaut those lovely locks!

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