8 Flattering Short Hairstyles For A Round Face

When you go to a salon, the hair stylist does not just chop off your hair mindlessly. They know what looks good on your face cut. They see whether a certain hairstyle will suit your face or not. The shape of your face is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. Most women feel that when they have a round face, they cannot cut their hair short because it will not suit them. They feel their face will look bigger. Here’s the thing – it will not look big at all! We just know that it will look amazing on you. However you need to know about the short hairstyles that will suit your face. That’s why we are here! We have listed the 8 Flattering Short Hairstyles for a Round Face. Take a look!

Here Are The 8 Flattering Short Hairstyles For A Round Face

1. Straight Bob

We feel this the cutest hairstyle one could get. Get a bob done if you have straight hair. In case you do not have straight hair, you could get a bob done and then use a flat iron to straighten your hair. It will look super amazing. You should definitely get a straight bob done because it gives your face a slimmer look and you will look really cute in this.

Straight Bob

2. Spiked Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hairstyle is so much in these days. Women who want to chop their hair really short should get this hairstyle. It creates an elongating look to your face which makes your face look trim and nice. Use a good hairspray to spike up your hair to hold the look. If your workplace allows then get highlights on your hair – your pixie cut will look even more amazing.

Spiked Pixie Hairstyle

3. Short Hair With Bangs

If you feel your face is too big and round, you should just get bangs. Bangs come on top of your head which will make your face look smaller and cuter. Apply a good hair serum to place your bangs at one side. Straighten your bangs for a more classy look. Use a flat iron to straight those pretty bangs.

Short Hair With Bangs

4. Textured Asymmetry

This hairstyle is short at one side and longer on the other. It creates a trimmer look for the face. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair short at one side and the other should be longer. To style your hair, wet it first with a styling product and then blow dry it. Direct your hair towards the top and then on one side. Use a hair product to style and then set it using a hairspray.

Textured Asymmetry

5. The Bias Hairstyle

This hairstyle is longer in the front and short at the back. Your hair will fall on your face which will make your face look lean and not too big. You need to blow dry the front part of your hair to create volume. The crown area should be blow dried nicely to get the look. Use hairspray to set the look.

The Bias Hairstyle

6. Teased Bob

The teased bob will make your face look long and lean. Instead of a round face, it will look oval. You should get the teased bob as it will look really good on short hair. It adds volume to your hair as well. Apply a styling product to your hair to wet it. Use a round brush when you are blow drying your hair. Use a hair serum to get the shine.

Teased Bob

7. Edgy Waves

Are you a strong and independent woman? If you love edgy things, you will love this edgy wave hairstyle. We absolutely love this one for the fact that it is such a rock chick look. It is a feminine hairstyle with an edge. The top of the head has a lot of volume. This will make your face look less bulky. You need to comb the sides and pin them back with bobby pins. It removes the bulkiness at the sides of your round face.

Edgy Waves

8. Short Messy Korean Hairstyle

Cut your hair really short and get the Korean look. Your front hair should fall on your face. It will create a slimmer look for your face. Now the good part is you would need to get your hair messy with some good hairspray so that it holds the mess. We love this look because it looks so cute.

Short Messy Korean Hairstyle

So, you have plenty of options when it comes to styling your hair according to your face shape. Do not hesitate trying the above mentioned hairstyle. We can assure you – you will rock the look! Try one of the hairstyles today and thank us later.

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