8 Fashion Disasters And Tips To Avoid Them

Fashion Disasters And Tips To Avoid Them

No one is perfect when it comes to fashion. We all have our bad days. But remember that though the fashion trends keep changing with seasons, and you may have difficulty keeping up. So, if you want to be in vogue this year, experiment with these trends but make sure that you pick them the right way. Even the most popular trends go wrong or become a fashion disaster or faux passe, if not implemented correctly.

Here Are The 8 Fashion Disasters And Tips To Avoid Them:

Shorts And Hot Pants

This trend can be a fashion disaster, if the length is wrong. So make sure you have toned legs to show them off along with safe margin for bending over. Bring out the boy in you with these hot pants, which was showcased by some celebrities in the spring fashion shows. Now it is time to get to the gym and gear up for showing off those legs. All the hidden bulges were not visible under the layers of coats, but now plan on shedding off that extra fat. The shorter-than-short style was the highlight of fashion shows this year.

Shorts and hot pants

High Socks That Go Over The Knees

You could end up looking like a school girl if this goes wrong. Over the knee high socks can look as you good on you as these celebrities. They are back in trend with a bang, and you can wear them with real short skirts or shorts. Add volume to an outfit by wearing these socks in sparkly shades and vibrant hues. To avoid fashion disasters, avoid printed socks on printed dresses.

High socks that go over the knees

Military Styles

The military prints are back in vogue, and are matched with tribal trends. You can combine these radical prints to reveal the touch of ancient civilizations. Too much of these like leather tunics with slight metal plating are huge fashion disasters. Be safe and sport the look with jackets, skirts, denims, and almost anything you want.

Military styles

High Slits In Dresses

The slit is back this year, and it is longer and even sexier, only if you have the body for it. You can copy the look from Hollywood celebrities. But don’t rip off an old dress to get that high slit.

High slits in dresses

Too Sporty Too Casual

Manage the sporty look with panache. Your dirty running sneakers won’t do here. That’s a fashion mistake. Instead buy cool sneakers with wedges. Check out the sporty look being flaunted by celebrities, taking inspiration from football. Experiment with the tomboyish look, and still manage to look hot. You can sport a 20’s tennis outfit with vibrant colors or stick to the safe sporty dresses.

Too sporty too casual

Denim Overalls

Jumpsuits make a comeback in all its elegance, and you can bid farewell to your old denims overalls, which are a huge fashion disaster. Jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits have become a full-fledged trend. You can sport them with wide belts, and create an elegant look. Go sporty with stretchable fabrics or opt for classic chiffon fabrics.

Denim Overalls

Printed Denims

Too much of print on the denim and fashion police arrests you. Customize the denims and get rid of the boring block colors on the lower half. Experiment with prints on the folds, or half stripes or even abstract prints.

Printed denims

Too Much Of See Through

See through dresses were never out of vogue, but they are trendier and cool this season. The fabrics reveal enough to be admired, but remain classy. Remember you should reveal the nice way and not seem cheap. Teamed with classy shawls these outfits are certainly a perfect evening wear. You can celebrities show off some see-through outfits and gowns at social events.

Too much of see through

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