8 Fabulous Garnier Hair Color Range Available In the Market

Garnier Hair Color Range Available In the Market

Garnier is a well-known and top-notch brand especially when we are talking about the hair color manufacturers. More precisely, it is familiar in manufacturing ammonia radical’s free hair nourishing products at large. Not only hair colors, but it has also been globally accepted as a reputed brand for the manufacturing of innumerable hair care products including Shampoos, Hair Conditioners, Serums, Hair Oils and many more. I am sure, once you will use any of these products on your hair, you will become a dire fan of this brand.

Not only the application of these products on your hair makes them voluminous, stronger, and lustrous but will also nourish them in a healthier way. Emphasized below are the 8 fabulous Garnier Hair color ranges available in the market. Just take a brief illustration of all these, in brief:

1. Garnier Color Sensation Hair Color Cram, 4.26 Intense Burgundy:

This is one of the top and best-selling hair colors by Garnier. Enriched with deep-pigmented hue of Burgundy color, tends to make your hair superbly shining besides encapsulating every strand of your hair with precision. This particular shade of Garnier hair color is purely creamy-texture based and hence it doesn’t trickle and wrap up and sticks to your hair in a most commendable manner. Its application makes your delicate hair follicles quite stronger besides coloring them in an efficient manner and tends to highlight even the strongly bleached hair at large. Usually, this hair color is available to you in the form of a small and handy kit comprising of a pair of gloves, an applicator brush, developer and intense color cream and post-color conditioner.

4.26 Intense Burgundy

2. Garnier HerbaShine Hair Color 630, Light Golden Brown:

What an amazing and ultimate hair color by Garnier that significantly makes your hair quite slicker and tends to conceal even the single of the gray strands in a most commendable manner. This is a perfect hair color that compliments well to the warm-undertones.Usually this Garnier hair color also comes in a compact and handy kit comprising of a crème developer, color crème, pre-coloring oil and a post coloring hair conditioner. The pre-coloring hair oil has been suffused with rape-seeds that will enrich your hair strands with suppleness and softness and thus making it an impeccable base for a unified color application. The final shade of this color will be highly rich brown and is deep-pigmented. Don’t forget to wash our hair with conditioner that is enriched with shea oil, olive oil along with avocado oil that will ensure that your hair strands will offer satin look and remains hydrated.

Light Golden Brown

3. Garnier Color Naturals Cream Women, 3 Darkest Brown:

This is usually a perfect hair color for all those who have severe hair breakage and split ends issue and having an intense brown color. One of the most important feature of this hair color by Garnier is that it will easily slide along all-over your hair thus encapsulating all the grey strands or even the pre-beached hair in a considerable manner.
Along with this, this hair color has been instilled with the various nourishing ingredients including the shea oil, avocado and oil that truly focuses on protecting your hair against all the damages along with keeping it lustrous and straight in totality. It is also available to you in a  handy kit comprising of a pair of gloves, a developer, an applicator brush, a colorant and an after wash conditioner.

3 Darkest Brown

4. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Hair Color, Reflective Jet Blue Black (BL11):

This particular hair color is available to you in 5 varying glossy shades and this particular shade is meant for all those who have a black color. This particular shade by Garnier tries to intermingle the Blue hue quite appropriately well with the black color of your hair strands. This way all your hair are easily encapsulated and thus adheres to offer a jet blue-black look that tends to offer a glossy effect under the lights. This hair color is more appropriate if you have a crush for streaky look of the hair. This is also available to you in a compact kit comprising of a pair of gloves, an application brush, grapeseed enriched oil, a developer crème, one sachet of coloring crème along with a post –wash conditioner that has been infused with the wow of shea oil, olive oil and avocados, so as to make your hair looking shining and strong at large.

Reflective Jet Blue Black (BL11)

5. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Nutri-Browns Lightening Color Crème, Reddish Brown B2:

This is one of the recent and trendiest shades in the gallery of hair colors by Garnier and quite contrasting to its contemporaries that only aims for offering a deep-pigmented texture to the hair strands, it just aims at offering a sound lightening effect to the existing dark hair strands even if they are not all colored and tremendously hides out the grey hair strands. More precisely to say, this particular hair color is cream-textured and thus sticks on the dry hairs quite exceptionally. Alongside it has been infused with incredible fruit bae oils that sincerely offers a smooth and lustrous effect to our hair at large.

 Reddish Brown B2

6. Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color, 42 Deep Burgundy Black Cherry:

This is one of the gallant hair colors manufactured by Garnier and is precisely laden with the goodness of fibrous contents that commendably nourishes the hair keratin at large. All in all its application on the thin and brittle hair makes them look strong and voluminous, as it is enriched with Vitamin E , which also aids in offering hydrating effect to your dry and frizzy hair. Available to you in a compact and handy kit comprising precisely of a pair of gloves, an application brush, grape-seed oil for amazing after color effect, a developer, colorant, and a nourishing conditioner instilled with the goodness of triple oils namely olive, avocado and Shea oil.

42 Deep Burgundy Black Cherry

7. Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Color Kit, Radiant Golden Blonde::

This is one of the most desirable hair color by Garnier and contain vital fruit oils comprising of Avocado and grape-seed oil along with huge traces of Vitamin E that tends to nourish your hair in an optimal way. I am sure once you apply it, it will be preferred to be applied on second instance as well due to its stability in covering each of every strand of your hair besides offering a sound lasting effect on your hair. Alongside, it has a creme based texture and has an aromatic fragrance as well. So, do try this hair color for a lustrous and satin-soft look of your hair.

 Radiant Golden Blonde

8. Garnier Olia Oil Powdered Permanent Hair Color, 4.3 Dark Gold Brown:

This is one of the most recent hair color addition into the Garnier’s hair color gallery and it surely offers a lustrous, vivid and lost-lasting coloring effect to your hair. besides this, application of this hair color doesn’t require any frequent touch-ups. alongside , if you have significant amount of grey strands, then this air color ensures you to cover each and every strand quite well. A wide range of Olia Hair Color comprises of essential oils extracted from natural flower and doesn’t harm your hair and will give a life to your dull and lifeless hair.

 4.3 Dark Gold Brown

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