8 Effective Ways To Use Turmeric At Home For Skin Issues

Are you facing too many skin, hair and health problems? You need not worry because there is a wonder ingredient which will solve all your problems. Turmeric offers innumerable health benefits. It is an important ingredient in Indian Cuisine but today you find turmeric all around the world. It is easily available in stores. This little ingredient contains approximately 300 antioxidants. It is known as the healing ingredient which solves many health problems related to skin, hair and in general health issues. We understand that women face many skin issues. We are here to help you out. We have listed the 8 ways to use turmeric for skin issues. The directions are given. You can easily make the remedy at home. Take a look!

Here Are 8 Ways To Use Turmeric For Skin Issues

1. For Acne Problem

Acne is a common problem. You will see most of the young girls face the problem of acne. It is not at all appealing! Turmeric is a very affordable home remedy for acne. You can make a pack out of turmeric for flawless skin. To make the pack, you need to mix turmeric powder with freshly squeezed lemon and sandalwood powder. Apply this to your face for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can also mix water with turmeric powder and apply it on your face for 10 minutes. Do this for 3-4 days and you will see the acne fade away quickly.


2. For Oily Skin

Oily skin is not a good sign. People will call you names when they see your skin is oily. This is what happens when you are in school or college, your friends make fun of your oily skin. Also, you do not feel good about yourself. What you need to do is mix turmeric powder with sandalwood powder and orange juice. We are talking about fresh orange juice. You would need 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder, 3 tablespoon of orange juice and a pinch of turmeric. Do not put too much turmeric as that will make your skin look yellow.

Oily Skin

3. For Aging And Wrinkles

Turmeric has an exfoliating agent. You can reduce the signs of aging by using turmeric. Mix gram flour with turmeric and water. Apply it on your face. You can put yogurt or raw milk too. Rinse it off after 10 minutes with lukewarm water. You can also use it for Wrinkles. For reducing wrinkles, you can mix turmeric, rice powder, tomato juice and raw milk. Apply it on your face for about 30 minutes. This will brighten your skin and also reduce the wrinkles.


4. For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks is a common problem. Women get stretch marks when they are pregnant. When you lose or gain weight, your skin stretches and you get stretch marks. To lighten the stretch marks, mix gram flour, turmeric and yogurt. Apply it on your stretch marks for 30 minutes everyday. This will surely lighten the stretch marks and slowly, they will vanish.

Stretch Marks

5. For Cracked Heels

Turmeric has the power to heal cracked heels. Cracked heels are not pleasant at all. Your husband may find it unattractive and cracked heels can hurt at times. What you need to do is mix turmeric with castor oil and apply it on your cracked heels. You can use coconut oil instead of castor oil. Do this 15 minutes before you take a bath. Do this everyday and get beautiful feet.

Cracked Heels

6. For Skin Burns

Turmeric has a healing agent in it. If you get a burn, it can help you to soothe the pain caused by the burn. It has antiseptic properties which will help the pain to reduce. Mix turmeric with aloe vera gel and apply it on your burn. This will soothe the pain and you will be fine soon. The burn will heal too.

Skin Burns

7. For Skin Tanning

Tanning is a serious problem. You go out in the sun and half your arms get tanned while rest of your body stays the same color. In order to avoid this, you can mix turmeric with cucumber juice and apply it on your tanned skin. Wash with plain water and continue doing this for a week. It is good for skin pigmentation problem too. Do this on a regular basis.

Skin Tanning

8. For Dry Skin

You can use turmeric to solve the problem of dry skin too. Mix rose water, 1 egg white, olive oil and turmeric. Apply it on  your face and keep it for 15 minutes. Do this everyday to get best results. You can apply it on all the dry areas of your body including neck and knees too. This will give excellent results. Make sure you apply it diligently everyday!

Dry Skin

Turmeric is an excellent remedy for all your skin problems. Once you start applying these packs, you will see a glow on your face. Turmeric cures all skin problems and your skin will look radiant and happy. You will thank us some day!

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