8 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Itchy Palms

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Itchy Palms

Our palms are extremely sensitive as it has so many different nerves ending which are sensitive and smooth! While we perform our daily chores, the skin on the palms get rough and dry. Apart from skin disease, there are different cause of rough and dry palms like dry skin type, constant use of chemical based products, cleansing products, lack of nourishment and such issues! Also various skin allergies can also make your palm dry and rough! If you want to keep your skin soft, smooth and adorably flawless, here are some cool home remedies which would fight itchiness and keep your skin smooth.

Try These Moisturizing And Nourishing Remedies To Treat Your Itchy Palms Soon!

1. Baking Soda Water:

Baking soda is considered as one of the cleansing and nourishing ingredient which also consists of all the anti bacterial and anti septic properties which will kill the germs and itchiness simultaneously! This amazing ingredient magically cleanses the palms and reduces itchiness with each use! Get a bowl of Luke warm water and add half spoon baking soda. Oak your palms in this water and cleanse it! This would soon get you rid of the itchiness and rough skin!

Baking Soda Water

2. Oatmeal:

Things filled with nutrients work best on your dry skin. Oatmeal is a multi nutrient ingredient which is filled with super amazing nourishing ingredients which would fight dryness in your skin and keep it smooth, soft and adorable! Get some oatmeal powder and place t in a bowl of Luke warm water. Soak your hands in this water and let the smooth and hydrating water smoothen your hands! Within few minutes, your hands would feel soft, smooth and flawless!


3. Essential Oil Soak:

Essential oils are super hydrating ingredients which can smoothen your palms and keep your skin nourished. These oils are filled with some amazing cleansing ingredients which would keep your skin from roughness itchiness and dryness. In a bowl of Luke warm water, add few drops of your favorite essential oil and deepen your hands in this soothing bowl! Let this work on your palms and fight roughness!

Essential Oil Soak

4. Coconut Milk:

Sometimes, this amazing and nourishing ingredient can have multiple benefits on your skin, coconut milk is considered as one of the most amazing healing ingredients when it comes to skin issues. Coconut milk is filled with nutrients and nourishing ingredients which would brighten up your skin and make it look flawless! If you have itchy and rough palms, apply some coconut milk on your palms and let it stay for few minutes!

Coconut Milk

5. Aloe Vera Gel:

This is one of the best ingredients which we love to use on your rough and itchy palms. The smoothness and softness which aloe can provide your skin is simply incomparable! This flawless gel filled with smoothness would keep your skin hydrated and free from such issues. Get some aloe Vera gel and apply it on your palms. Within few minutes, this amazing herb would work miraculously on your skin and would keep it bright and soft!

Aloe Vera Gel

6. Milk And Honey Smoothening Treatment:

Milk and honey is a lavish combination which keeps your skin smooth and supple always. This amazing mixture of honey and milk is a complete hydrating mixture which can fight rough, dry and itchy palms! Mix some milk and honey and apply this on your palms. You can also add this mixture in a bowl of Luke warm water and soak your hands in this bowl! It would keep your skin soft, itch free and awesome!

Milk And Honey

7. Green Tea Remedy:

Green tea is such a moisturizing ingredient which will surely keep your skin bright, soft and smooth! Tea is filled with some super cool ingredients and herbs which can enrich your skin. Also the anti oxidants and elements can hydrate your skin; make it free from roughness and dullness. Rinse your palms with some green tea or apply green tea on your palms. Let it work for few minutes and rinse! This cool remedy would keep your palms smooth and soft as never before!

Green Tea

8. Glycerin:

This is a magical and ultra smoothening ingredient which is widely sued for softening the skin. It is such a smooth and lavish ingredient which can give you perfect results in single usage! Apply glycerin on your palms and let it work for few minutes on your itchy skin. You can also add some glycerin in Luke warm water and soak your alms in this water for more amazing effects! Along with smoothening your palms, it would get you a cool manicure which will surely make your hands look flattering!


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