8 Effective Home Remedies For Skin Abrasions


8 Effective Home Remedies For Skin Abrasions

How many times you have felt the pain by accidentally rubbing your hand or feet against a sharp object? Abrasion is a common problem which is generally cased by our accidental mistakes and result into a sudden pain and burning sensation. Our skin develops a red mark over the area which is rubbed against the object. An abrasion is not at all a harmful problem but depending on the severity it can cause a lot of pain and inflammation over the affected areas.

The severity of an abrasion depends on which layer of skin is damaged. No matters how small the problem look like, you should always treat the problem in order to avoid any further damage to your skin. The common symptoms of abrasion include pain, burning sensation, swelling, redness and muscle tenderness. There are a lot of medical creams available to treat the problem but it is always best to use natural remedies in order to completely cure the problem. Here are some of the natural remedies that can be used to cure the problem of skin abrasion.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is one of the natural products can do wonders to your skin. Aloe vera is being used by a lot of people in order to cure a lot of skin related problems. Aloe vera is rich in anti septic, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and soothing properties that makes it a perfect cure to the problem of skin abrasions. All you need is to cut a fresh aloe vera leaf and to extract the gel. Apply this gel over the affected skin areas two times in a day to cure the problem. Regular use of aloe vera helps in healing your skin to give it a beautiful skin.

Aloe vera gel

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the main constituent of a number of dishes and is present in almost every house. Thanks to the disinfecting and healing properties of vinegar that helps in curing the problem of skin abrasions and infection. All you need is to make a 3 : 1 mixture of vinegar with warm water. Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture over the affected areas in order to get rid of the problem.


3. Vitamin E

One of the best vitamins that promotes skin health is vitamin E. Regular use of vitamin E helps in a faster recover of skin abrasions to give you a healthy infection free and beautiful skin. The anti oxidant present in the vitamin E rich foods helps in fighting the infection and reducing the inflammation caused by the problem. Therefore it is advisable to vitamin E rich foods to your daily routine in order to get an overall improved skin. Add foods like almonds, sun flower seeds, pea nuts, pine, olives, apricots etc to your diet in order to get the benefit.

Vitamin E

4. Honey

Honey is one of the oldest known natural products that are being used to cure a lot of skin related problems. The anti septic, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties of honey are very effective in treating the problem of skin abrasions. Not only this, the use of honey also prevents the possibility of scars that could be generated as a result of the skin abrasion. All you need is some raw honey; apply honey directly over the affected areas. Leave it for some time and then wash off using lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy on regular basis in order to get an abrasion free beautiful skin.


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5. Turmeric

Turmeric is again one of the most used products in your kitchen. Apart from its importance in the kitchen turmeric proves to be a very effective remedy to cure a lot of skin related problems. Turmeric is known because of its anti septic, anti inflammatory and healing properties which work best to reduce the problem of abrasion. In order to use this remedy you need to make a paste of turmeric powder with water. Apply this paste directly over the affected areas. Alternatively you can add a glass of turmeric milk to internally improve the body’s ability to treat skin abrasions.


6. Petroleum Jelly

One of the efficient ways to treat skin abrasion is to apply some petroleum jelly over the affected areas. Whenever you accidentally rub yourself against a sharp object then it is advised to wash it first using a disinfectant soap which should be followed by the application of petroleum jelly. Doing this helps in moisturizing the affected area as a result of which your skin heals itself to return to its normal state.

Petroleum jelly

7. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is also used to cure a number of problems and its disinfectant and healing properties can be extended to cure the problem of skin abrasion as well. All you need is to make a mixture of lavender oil and thyme tea. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and apply it over the affected areas. Regular use of this remedy actually helps in curing the skin abrasions to give a healthy and beautiful skin.

Lavender oil

8. Parsley

Parsley is one of the widely used food item that is used to increase the taste of the food which can also be used to cure the problem of skin abrasions. The use of parsley helps in reducing the scars and blemishes that are a direct result of skin abrasion. Not only this, parsley stimulates the collagen which in turn promotes the production of new skin cells. Using parsley is a wise option in order to get a faster recovery from the problem. All you need is to add some parsley to your daily routine. Alternatively you can also apply the paste of it directly over the affected areas to foster the skin repair.


9. Water

Water is one of the best remedy to cure the problem of skin abrasion. Water is a natural skin moisturizer that helps in a faster recovery of skin from the problem of abrasion. Not only this, water helps in maintaining the hydration level inside your body which in turn detoxifies the body and reduces the risk of infection due to an abrasion. Therefore it is advisable to drink at least 3 liters of water a day during the recovery period.


These are some of the simple yet effective home remedies that you can use to cure the problem of skin abrasion to get a healthy and beautiful looking skin.

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