8 Effective Bridge Exercises And Their Benefits

Bridge Exercises

Crazy for getting that lustrous and evenly toned body with beautifully shaped arms, perfectly toned legs and lifted butt? Here we have some amazingly effective bridge exercises which will help in getting it, not only beautiful figure but give you enormous benefits also. Bridges are best to give you a nice core workout with interesting variations. It affects more on gluts, legs, thighs, Hips and butt. Bridges are amazing workouts which can transform your body and make you look enviable toned in several weeks. If you are looking for the stunning bridge variations, try these super effective bridges with bucket full of benefits given below!

1. Single Leg Bridge:

Focusing on each leg turn by tune, this amazing workout would get you many benefits. If you are looking for a little low impact bridge variation, you can try this awesome single leg bridge. This workout would simply apply pressure on your single leg while the other leg is resting on the ground. Raise your left leg upwards and along with the leg, raise your butt a little. This workout would tone and shape your but, legs thighs and hips in a dreamy way! Try this work out and get super awesome lower body!

Single Leg Bridge

2. Dumbbell Bridge Exercise:

Anything performed with dumbbells would enrich and double the results. If you want a weighted variation of bridges, here is a super cool dumbbell bridge variation which can make your body toned in an enviable way. The dumbbell bridges can make your lower body super strong and would also help in building tight calves ad leg muscles. If you want to focus o your lower body while sculpting your abs and belly, this is the perfect and cool variation which you must try!

Dumbbell Bridge Exercise

3. Hamstring Bridge Using Activity Ball:

The activity ball workouts are simply awesome and would never fail to turn your body into a dreamy figure. If you are looking for a cool variation of bridges which can support your back and get you flawless abs and middle body along with the legs and lower body, this is the variation you need to try. This workout targets the abs, sides, hips, butt, and almost each and every part o the lower body! Thus go for this variation and make beautiful abs!

Hamstring Bridge Using Activity Ball

4. Bridge For Glut:

If you are looking for tighter and more perfectly toned hips, this amazing variation of bridges would sculpt your glut muscles in a dreamy way. The glut muscles are targeted near the butt and these three muscles can be toned with this awesome bridge variation. With a band and a rocking bridge variation, tone your glut muscles to make them strong and adorable!

5. Bridge Exercise For Your Triceps:

You can perform the bridges ion a very unique way using this variation. This cool different and unique bridge workout would also tone your upper body along with the lower body. This variation of bridges would ton your triceps, arms, biceps, back and the butt specifically. Of you are looking for a cool posture and amazing flexibility, this stretchy variation of bridges is must to perform. Try this and get an enviable body in no time!

Bridge Exercise For Your Triceps

6. Bridge With Lift Exercise:

This is a mild bridge variation which also includes the toes and feet. If you are looking for a high impact bridge variation which can target your glut and butt muscles, this is a cool option to try. The high and lifted bridges would also target on the areas like lower back, abs, sides and make them sculpted as well. This is an awesome variation of bridges which can make you more strong and flexible. Try this and fall in love with your newly sculpted body!

 Bridge With Lift Exercise

7. Bridge Press For Chest:

For a multi benefit bridge variation, nothing can work as this miraculous workout. Along with the regular bridge you can carry a set of dumbbells which cam tones your upper body. Bridges generally help in tightening and sculpting the muscles. In this variation your chest muscles would get stronger and would help in toning your upper body. For a complete body tightening and sculpting, go for this variation of bridges and you would love the results!

Bridge Press For Chest:

8. Bridge Use Weight Wheel:

This is an interesting and mobile variation of bridges which you can perform without a stationary position. This amazing wheel based bridge would get you the flexibility of moving and sculpting you entire lower body in a magical way. Go for this amazing variation and target your lower body muscles in a cool way!

Bridge Use Weight Wheel

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