8 Easy Ways To Control Hair Fall In Winter

Easy Ways To Control Hair Fall In Winter

Winter hair fall is often caused because of negligence rather than the harsh weather. We fail to realize that lack of hair care is one of the main sources of winter hair fall. But no matter what, here are some simple and easy tips that you can implement during the winters to prevent loss of hair.

Some Make Use Of Natural Resources While The Others Focus On Prevent Measures:

Cover Hair With Scarf Or Hat

A hat or a scarf is as essential during the winters as it is during the summers. The cold air waves makes your hair dry and brittle. If you travel a lot on the bike or even in open air, then you will be suffering from the problem of extreme dryness, which makes hair brittle. So covering protects the hair from getting dryer and thus fall less.

Cover Hair With Scarf Or Hat

Hot Oil Massage

Another hair fall solution for the winters would be oiling the hair at least once a week. Hot oil massages are suggested using the oil of your choice. Ideally, coconut, olive, mustard or sesame along with almond oil are suggested in the process. But if you want, you can also make use of a mix of these oils. Hot oil massage helps to penetrate deep within the layers and prevents dandruff, another cause for hair fall during the winter months.

Hot Oil Massage

Shampoo Twice A Week

It is a myth that you need to shampoo your hair less during the winters. In fact, due to higher levels of pollution, hair tends to get much dirtier during this time. Shampooing using a mild cleanser helps to get rid of the dirt, which in turn accumulates together to lead to dandruff and other health problems that cause hair fall.


Change Diet

During the winter months, your skin tends to get dryer along with the scalp. In this reference, you need to pamper your body with healthier fats and vitamins. So opt for eating more of nuts, olive oil and other healthier forms of good fat. These penetrate through the hair shaft and nourish the scalp, which in turn prevents loss of hair. Also, eat more of iron-rich vegetables that are found in the winter months like kale and spinach.

Add The Mentioned Foods To Your Diet


Do not leave out the conditioners during these harsh winter months. Everyday, your hair is being sucked of moisture due to the harsh weather. A deep conditioner is going to provide protection for a longer period. You can also opt for a leave in serum or hair conditioner that provides nourishment from within.

Opt for Right-Conditioner

Avoid Heaters And Dryers

Heat treatments like dryers, blow drying, etc. make the hair worse during winter months. You should opt for natural hair drying agents, instead that don’t suck out the moisture from the hair. Also, winter heaters make hair very brittle and this causes hair fall too. So avoid staying in the same.

Avoid use of hair dryer

Avoid Woolen Clothing On Hair

Woolen fabrics tend to have a bit of rough texture that makes your shaft stick to the same. So when you cover your head with a woolen scarf or pull out a sweater from over the head, hair sticks to it as a result of magnetic field and this leads to loss of hair as hair is pulled out. So be careful in handling your woolen clothing.

Avoid Woolen Clothing On Hair

Avocado Mask

During the harsh winter months, applying yogurt is not really a possibility but you can find plenty of avocados in the market. Apply the pulp of the avocado on the hair as it nourishes the hair and provides moisture from within. It also is rich in good fat that helps prevent hair fall and aids cell rejuvenation.

Avocado (3)

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