8 Easy To Make And Stunning Hairstyles For Damp Hair

Stunning Hairstyles For Damp Hair

It happens many times that you have damp hair and you have to go out for an urgent meeting or instantly planned hangout. You find it hard to come over the nightmare of coping up with your damp hair in which none of the hairstyles suit easily. Well, here are some good hairstyles that can make even your damp hair look wonderful.

Here Are 7 Easy To Make And Stunning Hairstyles For Damp Hair:

Twisted Pony

The easiest hairstyle you can do with your medium length hair for a casual look is twisted pony. You need nothing but backcombing your hair and making a tight ponytail backside. Then divide the hair of the ponytail in two parts and twist both the parts separately. Further entangle both the twisted sections together and secure with a fast rubberband at the end. You can also decorate this pony with colorful bobby pins.

Twisted pony

Simple French Pleats

Damp hair will look great when back combed and designed in French pleats. Just comb your hair well and leave a thin section of your hair in front. Now, make a puff with rest of the hair and pin it up at back on the crown area. Then, pin the thin hair section you have left in front towards back side by making a little curvy structure at side in front. Now, make simple French pleats of all hair. Keep the French braid for more stylish look.

Simple French pleats

Bun With Braid

Back comb your hair and make a ponytail at the crown area. Divide the hair of ponytail in four equal sections. Make three small rolls of three sections and place them in a circular manner. Now, make French braid with the hair of the fourth section. Decorate with embellished hair accessories for a formal look.

Bun with braid

Double Knot

Leave a section of hair in the front side and divide rest all hair in two parts. Make a knot of the first section by twisting it and push it in the front side while pinning it up that a puff like look should appear in front. Now, make another knot with the second section and pin it up below the first knot at back side. Pin the thin section of hair you have left in front towards the back side in the way that it should be a little loosened in front. Decorate with natural flowers.

Double knot

Braided Fancy Fishtail

take your comb and sprinkle some baby powder on it. Now brush your hair with this comb. Baby powder will absorb all the moisture accumulated in hair and make them look fresh up to some extent. Now, make five sections of the hair in front side. Make 5 thin braids from every section and pin them back at the crown area. Now start braiding all your hair into fishtail from back side and bring it towards the front side from right ear. Continue making fishtail till it becomes thin enough to be tied. Your braided fancy fishtail is ready. Make it more stylish with a red rose flower at the side of ear or fancy decorative pins.

Braided fancy fishtail

Lazy Bun

Back comb your hair well and secure all the hair with a fast rubber-band at crown region. Now, start twisting your hair and twist them neatly till the time it starts turning around itself for ending up into a bun. Secure the bun at top region with hairpins. This classic hairstyle is suitable for formal occasions.

Lazy bun

Two Minute Style

Girls who are looking for a highly casual and cute hair style should follow this two minute hairstyle. Comb your hair well and make a neat ponytail at lower side in backside. Leave a thin section of hair backside while making the ponytail. Now, wrap around the left over hair section around the prepare ponytail. Bring the pony in front side from right ear and pin it by twisting gently. Decorate with heat catchy hair accessories.

Two minute style

Wrap Around Braid

After combing all your hair well, pin the front side hair towards backside in the form of a big puff. Now start making French braid of all hair till the braid comes towards the ear; now, direct the braid towards the right ear for keeping the braid one-sided. Leave a section of hair at this point and keep making the French braid further. When you are done with the braid, wrap around this prepared braid in the section of hair you have left. Secure the hairstyle with a rubber band at end.

Wrap around braid

This is the list of best hairstyles for damp hair. So, are you ready to rock in the party even on your bad hair day?

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