8 Easy Steps For Daily Makeup Routine

 Daily Makeup Routine

Days are gone when women hardly choose to use chemicals, creams or cosmetic on the skin and rather prefer to flaunt natural beauty because in past time people were not loaded with work pressure, timely deadlines and always ensure to have the healthy diet which apparently kept them glowing and radiant. However today in our daily lives we witness busy schedules, burdened with stress and anxiety that directly affects the skin and due to lack of time you must have to rely on the cosmetics available in a market.

But do you know purchasing the right makeup is not enough, it is also important to get knowledge about how to use them and what are the steps that you should follow in your daily makeup routine which makes the skin look natural and even toned? For everyday makeup routine, all you need is a BB/CC cream which suits your skin tone, moisturizer, primer, a compact, a kajal, blush and a lip color. Here we are going to tell you some simple steps that how to do makeup on a regular basis which not only gives you the awesome look but also will only take 10-15 minutes.

8 Easy Steps For Daily Makeup Routine:

1. Apply Moisturizer And Lip Balm:

The first step is to apply moisturizer evenly on the face so that it smoothes dry skin and if you have an oily skin then the very small amount is suggested, after applying moisturizer, apply a lip balm on lips so that the lips will stay hydrated while doing the makeup.

Apply Moisturizer And Lip Balm

2. Use Primer:

Next important step is to use a primer as a base, it is an essential element as it gives the longevity to the makeup so that it sustain for long period of time. The primer also helps in removing the extra oil by absorbing it, close large open pores which add up extra sheen and gloss. Apply it very gently on the face using fingers.

Use Primer

3. Put BB/CC Cream On Face And Neck:

Took a small amount of cream or foundation on your palm, put small dots on the face and cover the neck as well then all you need to do is to blend the same with fingers after that take beauty blender sponge and dab it in a moving motion all over the face and neck.

Put BB/CC Cream On Face And Neck

4. Hide Dark Circles And Acne Marks With Concealer:

It is imperative to work on eye area as eyes are the most beautiful thing that will capture anyone’s attention and you can’t afford to ignore it though concealer is the best to get rid of dark circles and spots which make it more prompt, apply it under the eyes in triangular shape also put it on the acne marks if they are visible afterwards blend it with the again using beauty blender and you can see your face starts looking brighter.


5. Lock It Up With Compact Powder:

Now it’s time to lock with the compact powder, it also prevents from sweating. Apply it using a powder brush, therefore, it covers the whole portion and makes the skin refreshing and flawless.

Compact Powder

6. Highlight Cheekbones:

To ensure the sober and charming look, highlight the cheek bone area. Select the simple and light shades according to your skin tone because remember all this is to do on the regular basis. Apply the blush with the help of brush on cheek bone part all you have to do is to make a smiley or a fish face and draw a line along with it and spread it on the apple of your cheeks. Carefully use the same amount on the other side too.


7. Time For Liner Pencil:

Liner Pencil is mostly used to enhance the eyes, it completely depends on you whether to put it or not. Some people use the thick line some would go for thin that totally your choice but always remain particular and opt the smudge free.


8. Finally The Lip Color:

The final step is to apply lipstick and get the enchanting look. It is essential to apply lipstick in a right way otherwise the color would appear uneven and rough. Choose the lipstick matching your attire then outline the lips with the color pencil and fill up the area under the marked line with the suitable shade.

 Lip Color


By following these steps you will get the super cool charismatic and vibrant look which will keep you refreshed and lively all day long. Besides, it is recommended to buy the products which are more organic and less chemical processed to protect the skin from damage.

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