8 DIY Homemade Smoothing Serum Recipes For Soft Arms And Legs

DIY Homemade Smoothing Serum Recipes For Soft Arms And Legs

Women love their beautiful and smooth skin and thus, keep on trying to make it even more gorgeous and flattering! Just targeting the face is not enough as just like your face, your arms, legs and such areas also get exposed to several impurities, dirt and sun rays. Just like the face your arms and legs can get dark, patchy, and rough and thus, you need some amazing home care for these areas too. If you are looking for some ultimate smoothing serum recipes which can fight these issues and can effectively make your skin look perfectly gorgeous, here are some selective serum recipes which you can prepare at your home and daily apply on your arms and legs. This will make your skin super nourished and flawless within just a few applications!

1. Honey Milk And Turmeric Powder:

This is one of the best ingredient combinations which are used since eras to make the skin super soft. The honey is a natural smoothening ingredient which can give intense shine, smoothness and glow to your skin. turmeric powder will make your skin even tone and will fight various skin issues while milk is a nourishing ingredient which will prevent your skin from getting dry and rough. Thus mix 4 spoons 2 spoons honey, 2 spoons turmeric powder and 1 cup milk. Prepare a thick paste which can be easily applied on your skin and use this amazing smoothening serum on your skin for best results!

Honey Milk And Turmeric Powder

2. Coconut Oil, Sugar And Lemon Juice Serum:

Here is an n ultra hydrating and nourishing serum which will give you some magical results. Coconut oil is a deep conditioning ingredient which can easily fight all the skin issues and make it look adorable! The combination of these ingredients can target rough skin; dryness, patchiness, and lifeless skin while making it look super smooth. Mix some coconut oil, sugar and lemon juice and fill it on a bottle, apply this serum on your hands and feet daily for best results!

Coconut Oil, Sugar And Lemon Juice Serum

3. Egg White And Grapeseed Oil Serum:

Here is an awesome serum recipe which will keep your skin beautiful and gorgeous. Egg white is considered as a magical ingredient for your skin. It not only fights the dry skin and pores but will also fight skin impairments like acne, pimples etc and will keep your skin pore free. Mix some egg white and grape seed which will smoothen your skin magically. Apply this serum on your skin daily and your skin will look flawless within just few applications!

Egg White And Grapeseed Oil Serum

4. Jojoba And Vitamin E Oil:

If you want a complete hydrating and nourishing mask which can make your skin look super smooth, here is a combination of the oils which can hydrate your skin and penetrate into deeper layers to make it look more fabulous. Mix some jojoba oil and vitamin e oil and apply this hydrating serum on your skin. Twice use this amazing serum on your arms and feet for best results!

Jojoba And Vitamin E Oil



5. Cinnamon Honey Serum:

Cinnamon is considered as one f the most beneficial and awesome ingredients which can cleanse your skin and make it look gorgeous. Cinnamon helps in blood circulation which is extremely important to make your skin look gorgeous. Thus, mix some cinnamon and honey and massage your skin with this amazing serum. This will boost circulation and will make your skin dreamy soft as never before!

Cinnamon Honey Serum



6. Almond Oil And Sugar Serum:

Almond oil can get into deeper layers of your skin and make it conditioned. It is filled with all the nutrients which can make your skin flawless while battling all the issues. Mix some almond oil and sugar which will act as a perfect exfoliation for your skin. Generally, the skin in arms and feet gets pores and black heads especially in the knees, elbows etc. you can sue this smoothening and exfoliating serum on all these parts to make your skin super smooth!

Almond Oil And Sugar Serum

7. Olive Oil, Lavender Oil, And Shea Butter Serum:

If you want to make your skin super smooth, here is a stunning serum which will keep your skin hydrated and flawless. Olive oil is oil which boosts blood circulation and keeps your skin smooth. Shea butter is a magical skin repair ingredient while lavender oil is rich oil for enhancing skin tone and increasing stretch ability. Thus mix these ingredients and apply this ravish serum on your skin for smooth arms and feet!

 Olive Oil, Lavender Oil, And Shea Butter Serum

8. Cocoa Butter, Honey, And Coconut Oil:

Here is an amazing repair serum which you can use daily on your skin and get best results.mix some cocoa butter, honey and little coconut oil and apply this nourishing serum on your hands and feet. This will keep your skin super smooth and smell flawless!

Cocoa Butter, Honey, And Coconut Oil

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