8 DIY Cucumber Based Face Masks For Nourishing Your Skin

DIY Cucumber Based Face Masks

Cucumbers are famous for its soothing, fresh, highly nourishing and calm elements. It can be used in versatile ways; you can use it with multiple fruits, veggies and other skin nourishing food items for glowing, nourished and fresh skin. It will help you to get relaxed stress free and energetic. It consist good amount of vitamin A and C which is very important to keep your skin hydrated, pollution free and pretty. Try this amazing combination of face mask for all your skin types and let your skin enjoy face mask time! Filled with amazing nutrients Minerals and skin enriching properties, this ingredient would never fail to make your skin look picture perfect!

Here Are The Nourishing Face Masks You Can Try, Look Youthful And Beautiful:

1. Cucumber And Papaya Face Mask:

The combination of these ingredients would make you sin smooth, fair and gorgeous. Mix some papaya crush and cucumber juice and apply this brightening mask on your face. Let it work on your skin for few minutes and rinse. This would make your skin glow and shine as never before!

Cucumber And Papaya Face Mask

2. Cucumber And Honey Face Mask:

Nourishing ingredients are the best for all skin types and so is honey. Honey and cucumber make such a perfect mixture which can make your skin look drop dead gorgeous. Get some cucumber juice, add little honey and apply it on your skin while massaging. Leave it for 20 minutes and get that flawless and fair skin soon!

Cucumber And Honey Face Mask

3. Cucumber And Yoghurt Face Mask:

If your skin is dry and under conditioned, this mask is simply going to work wonders on your skin. Mix some yogurt and cucumber juice and apply this on your skin. This mask would make your skin bright, fight pigmentation and hydrate your skin from the deep layers! Thus, use this smoothening and skin enriching mask to get instant fairness! Condition and nourish your skin with this smoothening mask and look flattering everyday carrying your mesmerizing skin!

Cucumber And Yoghurt Face Mask

4. Cucumber And Carrot Mask:

Carrots are the magical ingredients for skin, Hair and eyes. Filled with tons and tons of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients, this mask is simply going to repair your skin and make it smooth as ever! Cucumber juice and carrot juice is such a combination which can make your skin feel extra smooth, fair and nourished and thus, you must once try it! We love this extraordinary mask which can transform your skin and make it look worth a billion bucks!

Cucumber And Carrot Mask

5. Cucumber Sandalwood Powder And Tomato Face Mask:

Cucumber sandalwood powder along with tomato juice would make your skin bright and beautiful as never before. Cucumber is a soothing agent while sandalwood powder is the best ingredient for flawless and radiant skin. Also mix tomato juice to get instant fairness and supple skin! This mask would get enough moisture to your skin and make it adorable smooth. Add shine and smoothness to your skin with this super cool mixture!

Cucumber Sandalwood Powder And Tomato Face Mask

6. Aloe Vera And Cucumber Face Mask:

This is a mild and gentle combination of smoothening ingredients which would never make your skin look dull. This refreshing combination makes the skin look glorious and bright. Apply some aloe era gel and cucumber on your skin and keep it hydrated all the daylong! Aloe Vera is an herbal ingredient which can smooth up, brighten, tighten and glorify your skin with its skin smoothening properties. Along with cucumber juice, it can nourish you skin and specially work wonders on dry, rough, pigmented and oily skin! Try this and make your skin super conditioned!

Aloe Vera And Cucumber Face Mask

7. Watermelon And Cucumber Mask:

Watermelon and cucumber, both are the ingredients with a lot of water content. This water content can make your skin look flattering and hydrated. Ix thee ingredients and apply this paste on your skin. You will feel a soothing and cooling sensation on your sin within just a single application! This magical mask gets penetrated in your skin, makes it super smooth and would brighten up your skin as never before!

Watermelon And Cucumber Mask

8. Milk And Cucumber Mask:

Milk is such an awesome hydrating and refreshing ingredient which would make your skin look adorable. Milk is filled with nourishing ingredients as well with lots of nutrients. It can add minerals to your skin and enrich it in a natural way. Along with milk, cucumber can make your skin bight, white and smooth. Mix some cucumber juice and milk and apply this refreshing mask on your skin. The nutrients in this mask and smoothness of both the ingredient would brighten up your skin in a dreamy way!

Milk And Cucumber Mask

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