8 DIY body scrubs for flaky skin

The summers can be one season you don’t want to face because of the heat it can throw on your sensitive skin thereby causing it to be damaged in no time. If you are not well equipped in the winters, your skin can be subjected to being dry and flaky in such a season as well. Dry and flaky skin is caused by the problem of your skin when it is not able to retain the contents of water that are enough for your skin. There are a few by which you can get some products in the market that assure you of good results but the chemical content and other unwanted articles may be the reason why your skin goes from bad to worse. Thus, let us see some body scrubs that you can make at your home and that will serve your purpose completely

Here Are 8 DIY Body Scrubs For Flaky Skin

1. Salt And Honey Scrub

5 cup or salt and honey when mixed well with drops of water, it can give you the body scrub for dry and flaky skin. This basic scrub helps in nurturing, exfoliating and moisturising the skin. The antibacterial properties present in honey can be another positive for dry skin and helps in growing the damaged parts quickly.

Salt And Honey Scrub

2. Salt And Sugar Scrub

Another one that can be made by simple table salt is this one. For the same you will require olive oil, salt, brown sugar and drops of essence oil. Mix these well until a paste if formed and apply it directly on the target area. Olive oil will definitely help you in the cause of moisturising the dry and flaky region instantly. For better results, apply a moisturiser after removing the scrub with some lukewarm water.

 Salt And Sugar Scrub

3. Coconut, Brown Sugar And Vanilla Scrub

This one is for the sensitive types of skin. Mix the 3 ingredients in equal proportion well enough to get a semi-liquid past that can be applied directly on the affected part of your body after you have applied enough water already (preferably after a shower). Even though this takes up more time than the usual, for sensitive skin types, this is one of the best ways to get your clear skin back.

Coconut, Brown Sugar And Vanilla Scrub

4. Rose Petal Scrub

Another one for the sensitive skin types, this scrub takes some time in the making. In this, a jar with some coconut oil is mixed with rose petals (red or pink) and some brown sugar. Take some time to mix these 3 well and leave it for a day or two to see them mix well. Apply the same on your body parts that have been high and dry and wash the same thoroughly with water to rinse it off. The difference in your skin will be very quickly noticed as the dry parts are well moisturised after the same.

Rose Petal Scrub

5. Ground Almond And Avocado Scrub

1 medium ripped avocado (peeled and mashed) with almonds and oatmeal (in 1:3 ratio) to be mixed well to get such a scrub. This can be applied on your whole body (keeping the affected parts in major contention) as this scrub provides moisturising and nourishes while exfoliating the dry skin away. Wash with water to see the dry and flaky parts being reduced considerably.


6. Coffee Scrub

½ a cup of coffee with some essence oil, sugar and vanilla extracts can give you one of the most refreshing scrubs of all time. This scrub can be effective against the hard skin areas such as heels, backs of your arms and knees, therefore giving you an option against hard skin as well. Wash well after 15-20 minutes of it being on your skin to see the dirt being taken away while the dry parts are left with some important moisture retention.

Coffee Scrub

7. Cucumber And Aloe Vera Scrub

The gel from inside the aloe vera stem is one of the best ingredients for skin betterment. Cucumber has been long associated with cooling the skin areas affected by dryness. Thus, mixing the two well to form a scrub can be a very easy and beneficial product for the dry skin as aloe vera helps in removing the dead skin while cucumber helps in moisture retention by the skin. A must have scrub with you for summers specially.

Cucumber And Aloe Vera Scrub

8. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice once crushed properly can be used as a scrub for the dry parts. This helps in curing the tanned area to great extent. Simply apply the crushed tomato on your body and allow it to be soaked and wash the same with cold water to see the tanned skin being removed and furthermore, this has the capabilities to keep the moisture content high, leading to reduced dry skin.


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