8 Creative Ways To Use A White Eyeliner


White eyeliner is beautiful and makes your eyes look stunning. From stunning upper lashes smitten into white beautiful shade to the gorgeous lower lashes dazzling with the admirable white eye liner, the variations of the white eyeliners are many. Basically, women use white eyeliners to make the eyes look sharper, brighter, huge and beautifully shaped, and gorgeous. The white eyeliner would never fail to give you a stunning and dramatic look with its bright and heart melting shade. If you have been looking forward to add some freshness and funk in your regular makeup routine, the variations of bright white eyeliners is worth considering.

Here Are 8 Fun, Chic And Stunning White Eyeliner Variations Worth Trying!

1. Simple White Eyeliner With A Cat Eye

Cat eye does not only look marvelous with black eyeliner. You can also get that amazing and beautiful cat eye shape with the white eyeliner too. Get a single and sharp stroke of the white liner and get a prefect and stunning cat eye with a white liner. Rock this adorable look with choicest outfits.


2. Go For The Stunning Black And White Combo

Using white liner does not compulsory mean to avoid black. You can add some fun and drama by getting a combo of black and white layers for your adorable eyes. We bet you would love this amazing utilization of white and black liner layering which would make buoy look unique, cool and trendy. Try this celeb style liner and look flawless. The flourishingly beautiful layers of black and white liners would sculpt your eyes in an adorable way making them look admirable and stylish throughout the day.


3. Smudgy White Liner With Glitter

Smudgy eye makeup always looks flawless and adorable. If you too love the smudgy makeup, and want to try something unique and vivid, here is a fun liner idea you old love. The glittery white liner always looks rich and classy. Fill your inner eye corners with the beautiful and divine white glitter and get your eyes look rocking.


4. Double Winged White Liner

The double winged liners make the eye appear big and beautifully shaped. If you love getting dramatic and funky during events and functions, you must try the double winged liner for the stunning white liner look. We assure you would love the beautiful creation which would make your eyes look bigger and prettier. The gorgeous wings would never let you miss the glimpse of people and would surely get you a flawless look worth flaunting.


5. Adorable Lower Liner

If you do not want to go more dramatic or funky and want a simply stylish look, here is a gorgeous variation you can try. Apply a single and thick stroke of white liner on your lower lid and make your eyes look flawless. Especially if you are going for an evening party, this look would make you dazzle. The lower liner would make your eyes look brighter, gorgeous and beautifully shaped. Thus if you want a cool and elegant look, try this awesome variation.


6. For Stunning Eyebrow Shaping

No wonders the eyebrows of the models and celebrities look so perfectly shaped and stunningly sculpted. The secret behind those adorable eyebrows is the gorgeous white eyeliner. The white eyeliner would give your eyebrows a sharp and perfect shape creating a beautiful illusion. If you want stunningly shaped eyebrows, shape it with the white eyeliner and get a jaw droopingly beautiful look.


7. For Divine Lips

Just like the eyebrows, you can add a twist of gorgeousness in your regular makeup by using white eyeliner for your lips. The white liner would get a matte finish, a glittery and divine look four your lips. If you want a perfect finish with a gorgeous lip color, use white eyeliner to fill the inner lips and get flawless look within no time! Try this amazing trick and a very creative way of using the white liner and you would simply fall in love with white this season.


8. Beautiful Smudgy Black-white Liners

You can use the black and white liners to get an irresistible smudgy look. Do not layers the liners but use them partially. Get the front or inner corners of your eyes lined up with the gorgeous white liner while shape up your outer corner with the black liner. Now create a smudgy effect and look like an adorable diva! Try this extremely rocking and cool look for events, parties and functions and become the show stealer! This awesome liner use would never make you look dull and would make your eyes more adorable and catchy.


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